Sad: See How Nigeria Custom Officer Kills Citizen Because of 5k (Full Live Video)

This has kept me sad for the last 2hours after watching live video posted by Tunde Ednut on IG how a Custom officer gunned down a Nigeria citizen live in front of camera because of 5000 Naira that was not given to him as demanded for.

According to the video are Nigerians who are coming into the country but got stopped by customs officers who then requested for 5000 Naira but the citizens refuse to give them the 5k which then broke into argument that lead to the custom officer shooting directly to one of them and sad the shot man died immediately on the spot.

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As it can be seen clearly on the video, the Custom Officers tried running but was stopped by others who were involve in the argument.

I don’t know if i am the only one having the thought that the gun was meant for the camera guy and not intentionally for the killed guy. Huh what a life. Those who are suppose to protect the citizens are now the ones killing them.

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Justice must be done, this Custom’s men must not go unpunished. Share this post to help the spread, let justice be done on this. Uniform men taken innocent citizens life must stop.

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  1. Marry

    Are you really serious. Chaii see as person just lose his life like that. Ohhh

  2. Kelvin

    This man should be sentence to death by hanging for wasting someones life just like that.

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