Risk of Using Insecticides or Pesticides in Your Home – Nigeria

Do you know there is a high risk using insecticides? Be it using the best insecticide in Nigeria or elsewhere, there is a risk involve in every insecticide you used. You can minimum the risk of it by using it properly but you still need to be at the safe point.

Risk of using insecticides


We have recently reveal the tips how to prevent mosquitoes from your home and manage good health, that is the only solution to stay at of endangering yourself and family in critical health problem in result of insecticides.

Risk Of Using Insecticides Or Pesticides In Your Home, Nigeria

On this article we will be showing you some high risk involve in the use of insecticides in Nigeria and worldwide.

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1. Lung Cancer

This is very common if you resist proper use of insecticide or keep using it for a long time.

2. Kidney failure

According to research consistent usage of insecticide has been detected as great problem to kidney. In other to live a healthy life health workers has warned to stay out of the use of insecticide s.

3. Blindness

Blindness is another critical condition that can result from often use of insecticide, this is because some chemical substance use in production of insecticide and physically harmful to the eyes if expose to over used. Health workers has been sounding it clear and loud that one should expose his or her eyes to harmful chemicals.

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4 Bad breath

Research has recently detected that harmful chemicals are very amazing in destroying some areas human Brodie. Continually use of insecticide can cause bad breath that will lead to some other health problem, this take a lot of money to treat.

5. Liver problem

Research has also shown that smoke and insecticide are the major causes of liver problem in young people.

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These are the high risk of using insecticide in your home. There are some other risk but this are the most important we are able to cover on this post. You should try all possible means avoiding insecticide mos especially a home with children below 10years. Are you worries what to use in prevent mosquitoes from your home? We have reveal a secret how to chase away mosquitoes or kill them without harming health/yourself on our latest article. Read how tonprevent yourself and family from Mosquitoes



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