How to Return An Item/Product Back To Jumia And Get a Refund

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Jumai is one of the best and biggest onlinie shop in Nigeria. According to our research, jumia was the first known online shop in Nigeria to introduce pay on delivery to every home. Over the years jumia has not just grow to serve Nigerian only but has extended it hands to all over africa, this is to say where ever you are in Africa, you can order your items online from Jumia shop.

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How to Return An Item/Product Back To Jumia And Get a Refund

Jumia, previously called Africa Internet Group, is a gadget of online ecommerces, marketplaces and classifieds web sites and applications created in 2012. Started in Lagos, the company has a presence across 23 African nations.

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Do you know that sometime when you see an item online it will look very attractive from how it appeared physically? That is not the main point, how about when you get the item you discover damages on it? Ok you can still manage it if the damages is not much, how about when the product refuse to work? Hmm i guess you won’t manage this time since it won’t be serving the purpose of purchasing it. So what is the next option, would you just want to loose the money you used to purchase it, well some people may just leave it if the product or cash didn’t worth stressing for but not for something above a 100k. Beside the company didn’t advice you to leave the product ansd loose your money.

Jumia would want you to be a regular buyer, and when you have issue with an item your purchased, you are free to return it and get back your money. The good thing is that if the item was delivered to you, all you need to do is shout for return and refund and then jumia will come over to your house to pick the item up.
On this post, it time to talk about jumia return and refund method, how you can archive a refund if you are not happy with the product/item you purchase from Jumia online shop

On our research we find some helpful information on jumia website that will interest you regarding this refund. Read how to go about it below.


What can I return?

You can initiate a return up to 7 days after delivery if:

  • You receive a wrong, damaged, defective or counterfeit item
  • You change your mind, with exception to Jumia Global items, underwear, adult toys, perfumes, cosmetics and jewelries. If you change your mind for phones and laptops, please ensure the seal is not broken.

How do I return an item?

Online : Complete the online return form by logging in to My Orders , then, open the last order by clicking on “Order details”. If your product is eligible for a return, you will see a button “Return Product”. Click on it to start the return process.

Having trouble completing the Online Return form? Click here to access our step-by-step guide on Online Returns.

You can also contact our customer support at

How long will it take to return an item and get my refund?

Please see our timelines for full information.

Once I initiate a return, what happens next?

If the package was delivered to you and you requested for a pick-up, our delivery agent will call you to schedule a retrieval. There will be 2 attempts made to retrieve the item(s).

If you initially picked-up your package from one of our stations or chose to drop-off at one, please take the items you wish to return to a pick-up station near you

I have requested for returns pick-up from my home, how long will it take?

We will make a first attempt to retrieve the item(s) within 48 hours after your request. A total of 2 attempts will be made in 5 days.

What happens if I miss both attempts to retrieve my return?

Your return request will be cancelled and you will no longer be able to return that item.

Can I return an item after 7 days?

You will not be able to return an item after 7 days but if it is faulty, it may be covered under warranty. For more information on our warranty policy, go to:

I initiated a return and requested for pickup at my home, but no one came & it has been a while, what should I do?

We apologize for this. Please contact us using the form provided.

Once retrieval of my package is done, how long will it take to be refunded?

Please see our timelines for full information.

My return has been collected for a while, but still no news, what should I do?

We apologize for this. Please contact us using the form provided.

Jumia tells me they have done a bank transfer but I have not received the money, what should I do?

It takes 2-5 days for the money to reflect in your account. Please contact us if it you still haven’t received your refund after this time. Go to for more details.

How do I track my return status?

We will keep you updated by email and SMS about the status of your return. You may also wish to look at our timelines.

If you have any question please complete the customer contact form here.

Is my product under warranty?

Warranty information is displayed on each product’s listing page. Go to: to get more information about our warranty policy.

Do I have to return all products in my order?

No, you do not have to return your entire order. You can return your choice of selected items.

Do I have to return the free gift when I return a product?

Yes, any free gift must also be returned.

Do I have to pay for shipping charges when I return a product?

There are no charges for shipping a product back to Jumia.

Can I Replace or Exchange an item rather than a refund?

At the moment, Jumia does not offer replacement or exchange of an item; however you can still return an item and receive a full refund.

Return Press Break down.

Return Duration>
1. If you order an item from Jumia shop and you discovered that the product is not what you want or even not happy with it, Jumia give you whole 7 days to return the item. If you could’t return the item within the given 7 days then it won’t be accepted, so make sure you get the item to jumia before 7 days of purchase.

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Easy and Free Return

Jumia is so kind on this aspect, they stated it clearly that you won’t be charge at all if you are return an item back.

ZERO fees if you return an item.
How Much Will You Get On Refund

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Normal you needed a full refund and jumia is giving you your full refund without any stress of stories. They stated it as well on their website that who ever is returning an item will get full 100% refund on the item, the include the delivery fee paid if any was.

You will receive 100% refund for your item plus shipping fees, if we delivered a damaged, defective, wrong item or if you simply changed your mind(see “What You can return”).

How to Return Item or Product To Jumia

Since you have learned about how the refund work, and what will happen when you return item back to jumia, it time to learn the major process of return. This is the purpose of this post so pay attention.
Jumia have two means of returning the item back to them, the one you will use depend upon how you purchase the item. We will be covering the two means of returning item below.
Initiate a Return

This process is done online, on your jumia account dashboard, It the easiest means of returning an item and it required no stress. It’s is known is the stress-free method of return because jumia pick-up agent will come to your house to collect the item from you, and you don’t need to pay any dime. See return form here.

Process of Online Return
As stated above, the process is easy, and on this post will call a post from jumia that explained everything single process of this return, see below.
Note we are copying from jumia this time.

How to Return Your Product Online?
Easy, just follow the steps below

1. Go to your account.
i. To start a return process, you need to login to your Jumia account and go to “My Orders”.

ii. You need to click on “Order details” to open the order.

2. Select the products you want to return
i. You will see all your products returnable. Select the “Quantity to return”, Select the “Reason for return” for each.
ii. Add “Comments” to elaborate on the reasons for the item return. This text field is optional, but very helpful of to clarify your request.

iii. To confirm, press the “Validate” button. This action will trigger the validation of the return form. Upon errors, you will be invited to correct/complete the form. Upon successful validation of the return form(s), you       will be presented with a confirmation/validation popup, resuming the return request.

The pop-up conveys the following information:

  1. A reminder on the conditions to return a product
  2. Item(s) to be returned
  3. Quantity of item(s) to be returned
  4. Name of the item(s) to be returned
  5. Reason and comment of your return

3. Select the way you want to return your product(s)
i. Then you are invited to select your return method. Click to confirm to go to next step.

4. Select the way you want to be refunded

i. Then select your refund method, and add the required information if needed. Click on “Confirm”.

ii. A confirmation Pop-up will finally appear to confirm that your return was registered. You can click on Close.

5. Your return request has been submitted!

Hi Dear, Hmm we guess you have had a lot of reading today, you must be getting tired! huh. Any way you still have little more to read. At least you need to know the whole process of return, the above is just an online return and if you remember very well we mentioned that there are two major ways to return items to jumia earlierand both work together, so we need to cover them all, little more reading and you are done. In my language i will say (Doo) it means Well Done and as well sorry for the stress.

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Drop-off your Item or Schedule a Pick-up.

How Do i Return Item Back to Jumia?

After you must have done the online return process, it time to drop-off item or schedule pickup. If you are the one that pick the item up from the station during purchase then you must as well take it back to that same pick-up center where their pickup agent will take it from. While if the item was delivered to you at your home then you just have to wait for them to come and pick it back from you. My advice is that you always try to make it available at the time they will come and as well try to be at home because they won’t find it funny if they come and didn’t meet you or someone that can give back the item to them.

According to jumia “The return pick up time starts from the day you make a request to return an item to the day one in every of our delivery associate makes a primary try to retrieve the item that you’ll like to go back. You can make a request to go back an object, both via calling our customer service or by means of the Online Returns form.You can get Jumia customer service contact details by clicking here.

How Long Does it Takes For Jumia to Collect Returning Item Back And Refund My Money?

That covers all the whole press of jumia refund, however we won’t let you go yet. There is something still important to know as well. I would want to include something more important which is the time you should be expecting Jumia to come for the item pick up.  If your location is Lagos, you should expect Jumia to come and pick the item up from day 1 to day 5. If you are in Ibadan you should be expecting Jumia from day 1 to day 5 as well, same goes to Abuja, and all other Nigeria cities. After the item is pick-up by jumia pick-up agent, you should be expecting your money back within the next 5 to 9 days if you are in Lagos and 7 to day days if you are in Ibadan, Abuja, Port Harcourt, Abeokuta or other cities of Nigeria.

This is the complete process how you can return an item you purchase from jumia back to them and get back your money (refund). Hope this information is helpful? if you have question, suggestion or something more, don’t hesitate to use the comment box below.

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