How to register new vehicle in Nigeria: Step by step process guide

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Register new vehicle in Nigeria

It not just not just important registering new vehicles but it under must. New vehicle must be registered before going on the road. we notice some people try playing smart whereby they are not, they play little trick by just scrolling the plate number on their vehicle without having the certificate. If you thinking of doing this then definitely your reward is awaiting, God help you don’t spend more than 500k latter. It under must to properly register a new vehicle before taking to road. Process of registering you car is easy and doesn’t take much time.

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Register new vehicle in Nigeria

Register new vehicle in Nigeria: Step by step process guide

Visit State board of internal revenue/motors licensing authority (STBIR/MLA) to pick up vehicles registration form. Fill it carefully and submit it. There other forms you will be required to fill.

  1.  Allocation of registration number of new vehicle.
  2. Auto vehicle license form
  3. Federal Road Safety form
  4. Tax Form

Others required documents are

  • Proof of vehicle ownership
  • Invoice of purchase
  • Attestation from the company of purchase
  • National identity card or Voters card
  • Valid drivers license
  • Prove of current residential Address
  • Passport Photograph
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If the vehicle is imported additional document required, as shown below

  • Custom papers
  • Tax identity number
  • Vehicle duty clarification

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Some vehicles test and verification will be conducted before approving it for Nigeria roads.

Note: Vehicle registration fee is #50,000 Naira at the time of writing the post, this charges is paid direct to bank account containing State board of internal revenue/motors licensing authority cooperate account details. After payment you will submit your deposit slip and collect the registration certificate.

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you should be careful of not been convince paying direct to them at the office, or any one who claimed to be an agent. There are no agents to Nigeria vehicles registration. After collecting vehicle registration certificate be ensure to go back with all your original certificate that you presented earlier.

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