Reduce the price of oil, Donald Trump tells opec


The United States of president , Donald Trump placed a call to opec and told them that United state has being proving security middle eastern  energy giant  and he demands that the price of crude oil should be reduced.

United states has been  protecting  the countries of the Middle East, they cannot do without us because their security is in our hands, without us they cannot be saved , and after giving them so much security they decide to increase the price of oil, why is that? Donald Trump said. They must reduce the price

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Donald Trump warns importers to stop buying from Iran otherwise they will be sanctioned. He called the organization of petroleum exporting countries and he asked them to raise their production. Already Washington had sanctioned Iran and venezuela

As top buyers India and China have distanced themselves from Tehran, output from iran is on it’s lowest level. And this had been like that since 2016.

Donald trump revealed that new set of US sanctions is due to hit the Islamic republic’s oil industry  very  soon  and it will be on November 4.


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