What can i use to clear cough fast in Nigeria?

Q – ACategory: Genera question'sWhat can i use to clear cough fast in Nigeria?
Andrew asked 2 years ago

I’m having cough for some months now, though not too serious but it’s getting to long now. i need to clear it out. i want a suggestion of drug to use or any home remedy to use to heal cough totally. please share with me if you know of any good remedy,

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Gift answered 2 years ago

Cough that have lasted this long, still u haven’t think of checking on Doctor? Hmm anyway just take some antibiotics and if it didn’t clear off then hurry to doctor. It could be a symptoms to other serious illness .

Favour answered 2 years ago

First thing to do is know the cause of it. It could be caused by cold or some other thing. But you stated that it’s serious or I would have recommended to use honey anytime you are coughing hard. Anyway take some medication from pharmacy and if it refuse to go then check on your doctor for proper checkup.