What Business Can Someone Do in Agbarho Delta State

Q – AWhat Business Can Someone Do in Agbarho Delta State
Anne asked 5 months ago

Good day friends, I’m in search of a business I can do here in Agbarho Delta State to raise money. I want good minded entrepreneurs to help me with good business ideas to do in Agbarho that will bring good income.

2 Answers
Amanda answered 5 months ago

Agbarho is not that a big open city but however it’s still a place to do good business if well planed you can succeed. Depending on the capital I would suggest you think of a big bar, swimming pool center or outing place with shawama and ice cream put in place because there is no such here. If you don’t have much for that then you can consider foodstuff items for wholesale 

serome Staff answered 5 months ago

Fish farming is a nice business to do in Agbarho delta state. You can set up a fish farm and manage it very well. It a nice business in every city.

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