How to Flash My Android Phone By Myself in Nigeria?

Q – AHow to Flash My Android Phone By Myself in Nigeria?
Ade asked 2 years ago

Enough hanging from my phone, i want to know how i can flash it right now by myself without giving it to engineer to do charge me for it. I want idea how i can do that easily. please any reasonable idea let me know now. thanks informationhood friends. i’m waiting oh.

2 Answers
Johnson answered 2 years ago

If you phone is booting well the you just have to hand reset by using the factory reset. Go to settings >>> Backup & Reset >>> Factory data reset and tick the two option there then click confirm reset to reset your phone to how you bought it newly. This can solve many problem happening to the phone. I presumed that your phone is hanging due to many app or a specific app.

Chris Chris answered 2 years ago

If your phone is not booting to normal screen then you need hard reset. All you need to do is put-off the phone and press down the power on along side with volume down. Some phone uses volume up. If nothing happened when using power on and volume up button the try power off and volume down button. Good luck friend.