How Can i Advertise On TVC Channel in Nigeria? (Complete Guide)

Q – ACategory: BusinessHow Can i Advertise On TVC Channel in Nigeria? (Complete Guide)
David asked 10 months ago

How do i start advertising on TVC channel? i want to know the process how i can place a business advert on tvc channel in Nigeria.

And what is their cost rate for 1 minutes advert that run through in the morning and evening? Please I need responds as quick as possible. It urgent.

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serome Staff answered 10 months ago

If you want to advertise with TVC channel then you would want to visit them for business discussion. They are located in the commercial nerve center of Nigeria. We are opened for business Weekdays all through the year.
For business inquiries, such as partnerships, advert placements, event coverage, press or marketing, please send an email to [email protected] or [email protected]
feel free to give them a call as well on the following lines
 +234 (0) 708 066 8003 | +234 (0) 708 066 8004
as for their advert rate you would want to check 



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