How Much Can i Get House Apartment to Rent in Agege Lagos

Q – AHow Much Can i Get House Apartment to Rent in Agege Lagos
Linda asked 5 months ago

What is the price range someone can get an apartment in Agege area of Lagos state? Please someone with idea should please share i’m so in need of an apartment this location. Thanks in advance.

1 Answers
Ola answered 4 months ago

good living home is quite expensive in Agege. Most houses you will find at cheap price in Agege is face me i face you. They are more in Agege. Anyway i don’t know budget and the kind of Apartment you wish to rent. 
Cost of getting apartment/house in Agege Lagos State Nigeria
1 Room – face me k face you => 3k to 5k monthly. 
2. A room and pallor => 6k to 10
3. Decent self contain apartment => 9k to 15k
4. Decent mini flat apartment => 15k to 17k
5. Normal flat apartment  => 20k upward
note that my estimate may not be 100% correct, if you need accurate house rent cost in Agege the best thing to do is search for an agent on jiji or olx to call them. The estimate is to give you idea on how it works

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