How do I get customers on my egg roll business

Q – ACategory: BusinessHow do I get customers on my egg roll business
Tracy asked 2 years ago

I want to start a large slacks business and I will be giving out  a good  discount and am looking for customers to sell to.

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serome Staff answered 2 years ago

In every business the customers expect of it is the most difficult area. Starting a business is not enough to make it if the prospective customers are not there. said Daniel Ogheneserome.
Egg roll business is a nice business if you are in a busy location and this can even turn you into a millionaire if it done properly.
We have two idea for you on how you can get customers for your egg roll business Mrs. Tracy. But first it matters if you are the producer or marketer? Note that the most effective area of it is been the producer. This is the area you can make it on the business.

  1. Go out and look for retailers: selling to retailers at a cheap price will let you sell better. Supply to those that sell to end users. If you have 20 retailers alone is ok for you business to grow. The idea is  to go out to those that are re-selling along the road and tell them about your product, give them deal with cheap price. Offer to deliver to them when ever they need it.
  2. Rent spaces at popular locations and hire vendors to sell your snacks for you: What are needed to start egg roll or any snacks business is a good “show class“, let it be classic. “Space in good location“, the “products” which is the snacks. Get sales girls to handle the sales why you do the production. With this you will make all the money. But note that there is stress, on this process just as there is lot of money in it. You pay your workers monthly. This is a good idea if you are in a location like Lagos.

People eat snacks every day, so snacks business is a lucrative business. Let us know if this answers your question. Awaiting your reply, thanks.

Tracy answered 2 years ago

Thank you informationhood for this answer. Now i know want to do

serome Staff answered 2 years ago

You are welcome Mrs. Tracy. Glad we are able to help. If have any other questions don’t hesitate to ask.

Maro answered 2 years ago

You need marketing. You can take it to Resellers and give them at wholesale price. All you need is go around to look for people to supply your egg role to.