How can i check my waec result online by myself

Q – AHow can i check my waec result online by myself
Blessing Klin asked 2 years ago

Hello, please I need urgent reply on how I can check my waec result online. I’m currently not in the country and I hope to check it from online. I have all my exam details.
Can this be posible? How do I go about it?

2 Answers
serome Staff answered 2 years ago

Yes it posible to check your waec result online when you are not in the country but have your waec exam details. But the question is do you have waec scratch card with you? If no you can ask someone to help you buy one here and send the serial number and pin to you because you will need it.
How to check waec result
To check your waec result visit waec official website you will see field that look like the below photo.
How to check waec result

  1. Visit
  2. Enter your examination number
  3. Select your exam year
  4. Select your exam type
  5. Enter your card serial number
  6. Enter your card pin and click Submit

Your results will show up on the next page if your provided details are correct.

serome Staff answered 1 year ago

The process is very easy as mentioned above. You can do it with your phone or with laptop if you have any.
I heard that zenith bank now sell waec result scratch card . Good luck dear.