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Andrew asked 5 months ago

I have discovered that my ads on app are not showing on my new app. I have run the google admob test id ads and they work well but when I insert my ads id none is showing. This has been for over 2 week now and it still not working . please what could be the problem?

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Kennedy answered 5 months ago

This has been happening for a while now and there is no solution however you can check this out.

  • Check you entered you publisher id correctly. 
  • Check you entered your ads id correctly
  • Check there is no coding error with your app
  • Check you have entered your payment details on admob
  • Check your admob account has not been ban
  • Test google admob ads test id on your app to see if that works. If it works then your app has no problem but if not there you have to correct your codes. But if it shows ads then you just have to give admob some days to rectify the issue themselves.

I wish you good luck.

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