Prospa App transfer issues – How to fix recent issue of received money not showing on your account

Some people who received money with their Prospa app account in Nigeria recently had been stuck with deep frustration regarding the money received not showing up. Unfortunately I happened to be one of the affected people. A customer sent me money on the 15th of june and I didn’t receive the money. The customer really gave me tough time because he was having the mind that I scammed him not knowing that Myprospa app is thoroughly dealing with me.  I tried all I could to reach out to prospa customer care to complain to them, hmm no way, I called and I was told by their robot machine that no available agent to speak to me. I sent email no response, I tried chatting with them in the app ‘no respond’ at this time I decided to visit their twitter account to complain mehn getting there I met a lot of people complaining same thing opps, I have entered. 

I went to Instagram if they’ll answer there, the one met there was much serious. Everyone complaining same thing and to make it worst were not doing anything not even replying dm so I decided to give a try by sending them a dm. Few hours later they replied me and asked me to give them the transaction section I’d which is the reference number so I asked to customer to give it to me and I submitted it to them. I was told they’re working on it and I should receive the money before the end of the day. That’s how I was smiling.. day has dark nothing, I sent a message this time no reply, the next day same thing till I go upset and told them I was going to publish a news on the media about them. Woo.. when the heard this I got immediate call from them telling me they’re working on it already, this working on it was to calm me down, lol so they successful calm me down for a while until I got the money. I almost loose a customer because of them. My testimony is that I finally got the money. 

If you’re experiencing this same thing, I know how frustrating it can be. I suggest you should contact them closely till you get your money. They’re actually not scam but I think they need to work on their service and app, they lack customer care support which is very bad for a financial company like them. Instead of hiring influencers up and down they should use the money to upgrade their app and service. Kindly share your experience using the comment box

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