Prices of Honda Shaft in Nigeria , Read This Before Buying

Hello friend, welcome to informationhood. Are you in search of your Honda car shaft and how much it’s going to cost you? If for any reason you’re having issues with your Honda leg and your mechanic tells you the shaft is bad, then I’m sure you would like to know how much you should be budgeting, so welcome my neighbor.  Honda don show us pepper for this country and bad roads. 

My Honda had been parked for about a week, and just for me to reverse and drive out I heard a loud noise from the driver’s leg gla.. I locked up and drove out. I noticed every time I tried making a turn the noise would come out so I drove home and asked my mechanic to come carry it. He detected that the shaft needed to be changed with some other things around the legs, I no too know their names. 

I told my mechanic to go get them and when he got to the market, I got a call from him saying the total was 110k. Na so I shout jump up.

I told him not to buy them there, I started making calls and checking online. So I decided to come on this platform to share my experience with everyone. 

Honda Shaft Price

Depending on the model of your Honda car. Baby boy is around 25k – 35k for complete. From 2003 – 2009 is 30k – 50k anything from 2010 – 2019 is 70k – 80k from 2020 – 2020 – 2023 is 90k – 100k. Note that this is complete for each side. Also, take note that it depends on location. I heard they’re cheaper in Lagos. In my search, I also saw Tokunbo was cheaper directly from Ladipo Spare Parts Market in Lagos. But I was in Abuja at the time. 

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Written by King Sero

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