Poultry farming in Nigeria: How to Start and All You Need to Know

Poultry farming is very lucrative in any part of the world. In Nigeria currently poultry farming is a goldmine business. foreigners are coming into the country to invest in poultry farming, the good thing is that it doesn’t even take years to start making money from poultry, in fact this is as quick as the first 5 months and you will start seeing your money flowing into your bank account.

Poultry farming


How to Start Poultry farming in Nigeria

Poultry farming is veriest. Before going into poultry farming you should have appropriate management plan. What poultry do you want to start, you want to start farming chicken? Yes we know but what are your major plans for the chickens? is your poultry for egg production of for chicken product? Do you have in mind that when the children grows you kill them and sell to wholesalers or for egg production?

This are the two major angle of chicken farming. Both of them are very profitable and can make you a millionaire in a short period of good amount of capital  is invested.

We are going to look at egg production at first. This mean training the chicken to a certain stage and start using them for egg production. This area of the business is very lucrative as egg is most consumed in every country. There are so many things egg is been use for. I know of a company who is making up to 400,000 every 3 days from this business in Abatior road Agege Lagos state, they even have buses that run delivery service going around lagos delivering to their customers.

The requirement to start egg production poultry are

  • Big Poultry
  • Chickens up to 4,000
  • Fowl Food
  • Fowl Feed bowl
  • Cleaning materials
  • Fowl Medication
  • Light
  • Fowl drinkers
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1 poultry building
You need a good space to build your poultry, Your poultry must be huge and have good space for the chickens free movement. So if you intend of making good money from your poultry recommended you build a big poultry that can occupy good numbers of chickens. If your poultry is small with thousand of chickens then you might easily run at the loosing side because it will becomes suffocating to the chicken which might lead to their illness and death.


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4,000 Chickens
You need good amount of chicken to produce good amounts of eggs daily, if you have up to 4,000 chickens you can be making up to #350,000 Naira daily which is very profitable. It doesn’t mean you must have 4,000 chickens before starting poultry farming, you can start small and grow big. you also have to consider your poultry space before deciding the number of chicken you wanted to start with.

Chickens Feed
This is the most important area of poultry, Their feed are very important just as food is important to human, your profit on this business depend how you take care of them. Without proper feeding you won’t be able to make much gain. They can also die due to lack of food. Chickens eat every now and then, which will be costing a lot of food and money to take care of them for the next for 5 months when they will start making you money. Their feed are not much expensive but depend on how many chickens you have in your poultry. If they are up #4,000 then they might eat 1-2 bags daily at their young age. It’s good to know that they are three set of food for chicken which intention is for egg production. Starter, Grower and Layer.

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Feeding Bowl
In other not to waste the chicken feeds you need their feeding bowl, this bowl are not expensive. You can get them for the rate of #300 – 2,000 Naira each depend on which you are going for.

This is most vital Area, Chickens don’t really like dirtiness. We have heard farmers complaining on loosing eggs when the poultry is dirty, this means when the poultry is dirty the chickens will refuse to lay much eggs as they normally use to. Poultry have to be very clean and properly maintained daily basics not just to save the chickens but also to keep the area clean and to be in good condition.


Light does not only brighten the place but the heat from it keeps the chickens warm. Pro poultry farmers will tell you to make sure the light is not too high from the chickens, this is because the light will be generating some heats when there is cold which keep the chickens warm.

After building your poultry farm you need to get started, as a new farm you definitely need to start small in other to learn more about it, know some new things you definitely haven’t heard off.

You need a veterinarian to always come around in monitoring your poultry, this is the act of checking the poultry if there is any form of disease that need immediate treatment.

You need to be couture of their feeding, its just like you are training a child, what ever you get use to them is what they will follow and if there is any change in future, it will definitely not be easy for them to blend in. The more they eat the more healthy they become but  doesn’t warrant feeding them every 30 minutes or 1 hours. The proper way of feeding is 8-10 times daily when they are still small, and 4-5 times when they are big. The poultry should never lack water,  their water is very essential if they must stay healthy.

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What You Need To Know When Your Chicken Start Producing Egg

If your poultry is for egg production you must be aware to make sure the poultry is always clean at their time of laying egg or else they won’t lay the eggs on dirty ground and that will lead to their illness of not death.

Always check for blood on their eggs routinely, if notice any form of blood in their eggs, it means they need immediate medication, don’t hesitate to.

Make sure you feed them at the right time you use to before or else they will reduce the production till the new feeding method get use to them.

This are all you need to know, there might be more but this are the important area of poultry farming in Nigeria, i have personally done it before and this is all i could point out as the important parts. If you have any question do not hesitate to ask your question below.

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