Police Brutality & Harassment in Nigeria is Currently on a High Level

If you’re in Nigeria or planning of visit Nigeria, be warn that the country is currently experiencing high level of police brutality right now.

several videos on Instagram have shown how police are harassing and molesting Nigerian citizens. One of the citizens in Delta State got shot and died instantly in Asaba for 100 naira bribery


Another video shows how a mature man on his way to church was flogged and slapped like a baby in public by a policeman without any offense in Port Harcourt.


Another victim narrated his story how police kidnapped him, took him to bush and ask him to send them 100k or they’ll kill him. He later got rescued by soldiers who were driving by. In comment section, many commenters attest to it that they’ve as well experience police kidnapping in the past.

Again another video surfaced where a young man was asking police why his phone is still illegally checked by the police officer after the general of police banned any police officer from checking citizens’ phones. It was seen on the video the policeman trying to destroy the young man’s phone for filming him in the act.

Car owners are the police’s major target. This is just a way police officers use in extorting young men of their hard-earned money. According to most citizens, police are now worst than arm robbers. The little argument they pull the trigger.


Warning to the public. Please stay safe, and don’t argue with police officers. Try to put your phone on record when encountering them or try to get a spy camera when dealing with them. Nigeria’s police force several condemned the act of some of the officers but nothing has changed so therefore one must maintain personal safety while approaching Nigerian policemen. It is currently risky for a young doing well for himself to live in Nigeria because of police brutality. The issue is more critical in Delta, Benin, ilorin and some other south sought and southeast states.

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