Peaceful Journey Back, My Lovely Grandma “Priscilla Omokeriaefe Okpiyo”

No one could ever love me like the way you does. My everything, who fight for my interest when other fight for theirs. Who want me beside her day and night, who still see me like a little child. the one who worried when I’m not beside her. my love, her love, our love. will i ever forget you all my life? You thought me to love God which do, when i have problem, i run to you and then you encourage me and took me to the hands of God.

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Onime Priscilla Omokeriaefe Okpiyo

My love for you never die’s not even when i can’t see you. In my heart you live and I’m missing you so seriously. Rest in peace until i meet you again grandma. I prayed for God to heal you for me but rather he took you from me, you have always said he knows the best, but i blame myself and finding it so difficult to forgive myself because when you needed me most i was not there, when you needed my help i couldn’t render any.

It not all my fault grandma, things were really ‘hmm’ for me then, but now you have gone while I’m still on the struggle to complete the promise i made to you, Onime. No one could ever love me more, Your memory can’t stay of my head not even in a single moment and even in my dreams i moan you.

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Ogheneserome Moan Grama Death Onime Priscilla Omokeriaefe Okpiyo of isoko

Rest in peace Onime, since nothing i can do for you any more, i want to correct the error of things till my day comes, at least to make you proud that your lovely son Ogheneserome (Serome)  made it. May God help me. I will always love you and it will remain so even as you have gone Onime, my lovely grandma. Once more, my heart bleed again. Can’t forget you Onime, your memory lives on in me.

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Ogheneserome and hes grama Onime Priscilla Omokerafe Okpiyo photo Onime Priscilla and greatgranchild Darlinton the Son Ogheneserome and grand duaghter Oghenerurho victory serome Onime Priscilla Omokeriaefe Okpiyo

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