How to Pay Electricity Bill Online in Nigeria: NEPA (PHCN) Light Bill

You can now pay your light bill online in Nigeria. On this article i will be showing you how you pay your electricity bill online right in your home or office without any form of stress. Good news, you can now pay your electricity bills online in Nigeria easily without stress. Before now you will have to visit nearest Power Holding Company of Nigeria (PHCN) NEPA office or banks before you can be able to pay your electricity bills but things have advance that with your mobile phone or computer that has internet connection you can pay electricity bill right inside your house or office. The article will guide you through the process of pay electricity bill online in Nigeria.

how to pay electricity bill online in Nigeria

How to Pay Nigeria PHCN/NEPA Electricity Bill Online

The process of paying for your electricity online in Nigeria is not really of stressful. Follow the steps below and you have your Nepa bill pay easy.

Requirements of Paying Nepa Electricity Bill Online in Nigeria

This online payment however applies only to those who have meters in their homes. What do you need to make the payment? They are highlighted below:

  • Your Bank ATM card, should be Visa, MasterCard or Verve.
  • PHCN customer account number or your meter number. You can get the PHCN customer number by visiting the nearest PHCN office to you. Request for the personal account number for your home at the PHCN office.  The number is also written on the top left corner of your PHCN bill; it is written directly above your name.
  • Computer or Smartphone that is internet-enabled.
  • Your phone number and a valid email address.
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Steps to make your electricity payment online

One yo are able to get all the requirement above ready it time to move to he payment steps. All you need is to follow the steps informationhood has highlighted below to make your electricity payment.

  • Visit using your computer or mobile device that is connected to the internet. Glo now provide cheap data plan of 10gb fr 2500 Naira you cab purchase and start enjoying the internet.
  • On the site payment page, type in the unique PHCN account number you were given at PHCN office. You can also obtained the PHCN account number on the PHCN notice bill with which you normally make your payment. As stated earlier, the number is located on your name on the bill.
  • On the next field enter your valid email address. This must be an email you have a direct access to at any time to ensure you can see the email sent to you by PHCN without delay. If you don’t have email account yet you can create free gmail account.
  • Next field enter your valid phone number in the space provided.
  • Enter the particular amount of money you want to pay in the space provided. Make sure you avoid mistakes of typing over the amount you want to pay because refund will not be made, You know what i mean.
  • Afterwards, click on the Continue tab.

If the details provided above is correct, you will be directed to the WebPay page where you can now provide your Bank ATM card details in the field spaces provided there. Make sure you put your ATM card correctly, provide your authenticating token sent to you  by the bank you use for payment.

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After providing the whole required details, click on Proceed to pay and you are done.

After payment, the PHCN will notify you of your credited payment you made, this notifications is usually sent to your email address provided earlier.

How to Pay PHCN (NEPA) Electricity Bill With Zenith Bank Mobile App

You can pay your electricity bill using the Zenith Bank Mobile app easily without leaving the comfort of your home, you must have Zenith Bank Account to enable you use the method. Below is a guide how to pay Nigeria

  • Download the Zenith bank mobile app on google play store. Note that you must have an android smart phone.
  • Register your Zenith bank mobile app account and login
  • On the left, click the drop down menu and select pay bill
  • Select Pay Electricity Bill
  • A page will open where you will be ask to fill all the details
  • Enter category Electricity/Power
  • Enter your disco postpaid
  • Enter amount
  • Enter transaction description
  • Enter the phcn account number on the customer account number field
  • Select product as Postpaid
  • Enter your mobile number
  • Afterward click continue and confirm your zenith bank app pin

That is all, you are done paying your electricity bill using zenith mobile app.

This is the complete process to pay your Nepa (PHCN) Electricity bill online.

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