How to Pay Consat Subscription Online

In this modern global world we are, things have been made easy for us in other not to undergo some sort of stress, and Consat TV subscription is not an exception to the new modern technology. By visiting the internet with your mobile smart phone or computer you can easy pay your CONSAT TV subscription easily, and that is what i want to show you on this post, how to pay Consat subscription online.

How to Pay Consat subscription online

Consat Tv subscription online

Pay Consat TV With Quick Teller

You can pay your Consat TV subscription using quick teller by the following steps.

  • Visit
  • Select the bouquet you want to pay for.
  • fill the form with your current details as followed
    • your smartcard number
    • you email address
    • your phone number
    • amount
  • After filling the form completely, click continue
  • In the next pay your ATM card will be requested
  • fill in your atm card details currently
    • card number
    • card name
    • address
    • 3 digit card code
  • Click Pay now/continue
  • A page will come up asking you to confirm transaction.
  • Click confirm and wait for the payment confirmation page.
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Your Consat TV subscription will start working immediately soon as your subscription is made.


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How to Pay for Consat subscription with phone

There is an easy method of paying your Consat TV subscription with phone by using a USSD code. To pay CONSAT TV subscription with phone dial *322*1* 34104*Amount#

If you are still unable to pay your consat subscription through any of theses options, you are required to contact Consat customer care Center: 012778690 or through WhatsApp – 08179371908 for further assistant.


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    what happened to Consat TV now
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    Iam not enjoying consat channel bcos we can not be able to watch waptv, ait, and ogtv anymore y

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    pls how can I get Consat cusmtomer care line

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    Since some months now the volume of the Consat had stopped working. Please I need quick responce. thanks

  5. Adedoyin Adeyinka

    Since some months now the volume of the Consat had stopped working. Please I need quick response. thanks

  6. Please, what happen to Colour Channel

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    Please, what happen to Colour Channel

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