How to Create Facebook Account – New User

how to create facebook account

Everyone is getting on facebook, what are you waiting for? There is every possibility all your friends are on the great social media facebook already. On this post i want to show you how you can create facebook account within 2 minutes without stress. This time you don’t have to go searching for someone to […]

How to Create Facebook Page Easily

how to create facebook page

Do you want to learn how to create a facebook page? Facebook page is what is known for business, brand and companies. The facebook page allow your customers, clients and fans to follow you and have update of whatever you want however the facebook page has become the major source of marketing on the facebook […]

Reason Why Some Businesses Fail In Nigeria

The rate of business failure in Nigeria seems to be on the shoulders of mount Everest. In a country like Nigeria, it takes extra effort for a business to last beyond 3 years. Why do businesses have such fragility? why do they crash few months after take off? Aside the adverse effect of some economic […]

How to Become a Successful Blogger in Nigeria, Africa

how to become a successful blogger in nigeria

A successful blogger is equal as a successful business man/woman. Every business person is always happy when things are going well. To become a successful blogger in Nigeria there are things you must do and must not. According to our research, We noticed that Nigeria and some other Africa countries bloggers are making some horribly […]

Google Adsense: Why Delay in Approving My Request?

delay in google adsense approval

How Long Does It Take Google Adsense  To Review & Approve Request? Why google Adsense delaying Reviewing & approving my request?How long does it take google adsense to review and approve my blog or website ? This post is last updated November 10th, 2018 Delay in Approving My Google Adsense Account I have submitted a […]

How Marketing Evolved Overtime

The various eras In today’s world of business, marketing plays a key role in the success of every business. It may surprise you to know that it was until the twentieth and twenty-first century that companies began to gain consciousness of the importance of marketing. In this article, I will discuss briefly the various eras […]

Chevron Contact Number and Details – Shell Nigeria

chevron customer

Are you in search for cheron contact details in Nigeria? On this article we wish to share with you guys how you can contact shell Nigeria directly on their phone number or email. Chelvron Nigeria Contact Details – Shell Nigeria As you already know chevron is one of the largest oil and gas company in […]

The Young Shall Grow Motors Branches And Contact Details

The Young Shall Grow Motors

The young shall grow motors is among the best transportation company in Nigeria, the young shall grow company started operating in 1972, later extend it service across all cities in Nigeria. Currently The Young Shall Grow Motors have extend their service to other Africa countries,  This post featured Young Shall Grow Motors terminals and contact details. […]

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