The owner of this number 4242650876 is a scammer

The owner of this number 4242650876 is a scammer  The person who owns this number +14242650876 is a verified scammer,  informationhood has verified that the owner of the above number is  a house renting scammer. He claim his name is Frangy Goimbert and  he have a house he wanted to sell in other thought he would prefer  renting it so his children will later inherit it, his tricking  words will sound to be true but he is a scammer.

After several communication with this scammer he will tell victim  that he is not fine and he decide to move in with his family in  another city to take care of himself and that is the reason he  want to rent the house out.  The true is that the scammer is not from united state, his number  was generated from google voice, he then downloaded google voice  app to his android phone which he uses in receiving calls.

This scammer will tell you to drive by the house to take a look  but you won’t be able to enter since he is not around and the  place is luck, that he will only send you the keys to house after  you have paid some amount of the house, this is just to trick  victim to believe he is real.  What this scammer do is source for a house which others posted on  online, he will contact the real house agent that he has someone  who is interested on the house, in some cases the scammer might  tell you to go and meet with the agent to show you the house, but  will warned you not to discuss any thing about payment with the  agent because he doesn’t want to involve them in the transaction,  if you are not smart you might end up believing it real but after  paying the scammer the house rent he won’t reply you again and  when you return back to the agent he will tell you he did’t know  the scammer which is true.

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Since this scammer has stated that he is not in the city he will  tell you that after payment he will send the house key for you.  This scammer is very tricky, please be warned don’t do any  business with him or you will find yourself to be blamed at end,  he is nothing but a complete verified scammer.

Warning: Pull down any deal you have with the owner of this number  or you will end up been scammed, don’t let him convince you. And  if have relevant information on how to arrest this scammer we urge  you to provide it to our email [email protected]  immediately.

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