Osadennis mixed secondary school Asaba students are suspended

Osadennis mixed secondary school in Asaba has always being known for some immoral acts. In the past few years now. The school has been known to have students who were cultist and who practice the act of sexual scandals. This has been the reason why parents would not want their children to attend such school.

The state government of Delta state has suspended some set of students from osadennis mixed secondary school Asaba due to the cultist activities they were caught doung.

After investigating the five students properly, it was so clear that they were cultist and they do not perform the normal school activities like the other students in the school. These set of students are always seen coming to school with mufti instead of their school uniforms.

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The state commissioner of basic and secondary education said after their suspension, if they continue to perform such dirty act they will be rusticated.

This will not be tolerated by the state government. The duration of the suspension given to them is one month. They shall remain in their parents houses until the suspension is over.

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The commissioner of basic and secondary education, explained that Mrs Akpata who is the principal of the school has to perform her duty and discipline her students. All hands must be on deck he said, to yield good result .

A school is supposed to be where children attend to learn,not just educational points but other things of life. The students are not just the only ones with such dirty act , the teachers also are not doing their jobs most of them do perfom some immoral act as well.

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He also added that he is satisfied with the government’s contribution in the resumption of academic activities in the schools in Delta state.

Most public schools in Delta state, their teachers and principals most times do not come to school and this is not good at all.

I encourage the parents of the students not to loose hope, the state government will make sure every mistake is being corrected.


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