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The Birth Of Modern Science

The Birth Of Modern Science

When you take time to read history, you’ll be fascinated. This morning I found something very intriguing, what we call science had been here many centuries ago, they just didn’t know it was the future. No science leapt, fully formed, from a particular worldview, culture, religion or philosophy. Modern science isn’t so modern: the ancient Ionians […]

How old is the earth really? (Part 2)

Some days ago, I started this topic debunking the myth that the earth and our universe are over 4.5 billion years old. This is the concluding part of that article. You can find the first part here SPIRAL GALAXIES  A galaxy is an enormous assembly of stars, interstellar gas, and dust. The galaxy in which we live […]

How Not To Venerate The Sacrifices Of Our Military

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Boko Haram: How not to venerate the sacrifices of our military By Inuwa Suleiman One of the greatest challenges to fighting terrorism are the loopholes that exist because of the democratic tenets that nations subscribe to. Often manifesting as rights conferred on citizens by the constitution of the country, like freedom of expression, provisions that […]

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