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Email marketing

Marketing has always been about reaching out to prospective patrons, getting their attention and yea – drawing future plans from their opinions and interest. Maybe Jesus and Mohammed ain’t that much of our technological guys, one thing indisputable though is their understanding of marketing and how they used it effectively for both their causes. “…So […]

The Bible Vs Relativity: ê still de “epp”?


Please watch it: this isn’t going to be entirely written in p-English, lol. So, yas! As you might have mind wondered there- Is the Divine Book and Manual of Life as I more often refer to it, still applicable real-time? Why’d I get meditating on the subject anyways? I mean as a child growing up, […]

The Birth Of Modern Science

The Birth Of Modern Science

When you take time to read history, you’ll be fascinated. This morning I found something very intriguing, what we call science had been here many centuries ago, they just didn’t know it was the future. No science leapt, fully formed, from a particular worldview, culture, religion or philosophy. Modern science isn’t so modern: the ancient Ionians […]

How old is the earth really? (Part 2)

Some days ago, I started this topic debunking the myth that the earth and our universe are over 4.5 billion years old. This is the concluding part of that article. You can find the first part here SPIRAL GALAXIES  A galaxy is an enormous assembly of stars, interstellar gas, and dust. The galaxy in which we live […]

Nigeria at 58: what really is there to celebrate?

Nigeria at 58

These indeed are sobering times for any Nigerian who ever had any dream of  this country becoming better. Nothing seems to be going well. We are officially the poverty hesdwheadqua of the world, our polity is daily marred with news of electioneering and bloodshed, the people at the hem of affairs do not seem to […]

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