How to Open A Diamond Bank Account Online in Nigeria

On these post we are going to look at how to open diamond bank account online in Nigeria.bIt amazing that internet is now taking a great place in Nigeria. It obvious that almost every business is going online today, and there is every reason to make things easy there.

open diamond bank account online

The question is that is it true that one can open diamond bank account online? Some other banks has these feature where one can visit on their website and open either savings account or current account online. The process is really easy because the form will be fill online and account number will be sent to your email or phone number provided while filling the form. Let’s check if diamond bank has this facility also.

Diamond bank has an easy way of opening an account but can’t be classified as opening diamond bank account online, reason is because the bank did not provide complete way of completing the account opening online. They only make a provision of quick account opening, which still required you to complete the process at the bank hall.

Diamond bank make a means to shorting your time spending in the bank hall, they give you access to download the form online which you will fill and complete the account opening process in the bank hall.

First let’s see some important this to take note of about the bank before moving to account opening with diamond bank.

Minimum Amount to Open Diamond Bank Account

  • To open your account you need only N1, 000
  • There is no minimum amount of money you have to keep in your account

₦3 per mille cash handling on excess of  1million naira cash deposit monthly.

The bank has the following additional service

Bank anytime, anywhere 24/7 on the go with our channels

  • Diamond In-branch Banking
  • Diamond Online Banking
  • Diamond Mobile Banking
  • Diamond Line Call Centre

SMS notifications and alerts on all transactions

To open your account you need to make sure you have the following:

  • A completed application form (click HERE to download the form)
  • 1 recent passport photograph
  • Valid identification i.e. Your International passport, driver license, National ID card
  • Resident permit (for foreign nationals in Nigeria)
  • Proof of address i.e. a recent utility bill

Fill the form and take it to the nearest Diamond bank to open your account. This is the only means of opening diamond bank online as of the time of writing this post. Note that this process is subjected to change at any time the bank wish to.

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