Nylon Bag Production Business In Nigeria: How To Begin

Nylon belong to a family consisting of polymers that are synthetic. The material of the nylon is silky and thermoplastic. Melting with processing into shapes, films and fibers is obtainable. The first nylon example was on the month of February in the year 1935.

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The research facility of Wallace Hume Car others produced the nylon. Paul Schlack responded with an another production and the year was 1938. Peptide bonds make up nylon. This peptide bonds consisting of repeating units. There was an exhibition of nylon in the year 1939.

Expansion Of Nylon Bag Production

nylon bag
Nylon production now spread to other parts of the world.
The production of nylon is a profitable business in Nigeria that offers you much yield. Almost everyone makes use of nylon to wrap one thing or the other. The number of nylon bags are increasing in Nigeria. The need for nylon packaging increases on a daily basis.

Nylon packaging promotes the branding and the image and there is need for shopping bags. The users of these nylon bags include eateries, boutique, supermarkets, roadside shops and bookshop. Nylon bags can also be exported. It is among the fastest selling products in Nigeria.

The Profitability Of The Nylon Bag Business

The production of nylon is a profitable business. Whether you are distributing, retailing and wholesaling, this business is profitable. Cutting a roll of nylon that is black comes with it’s profit. When you observe your business, you will notice that many individuals, organisations, industries and businesses make use of nylon.

Nevertheless all make use of nylon for covering and wrapping things like foodstuff, parties and books etc. There is a demand that is high because of a high rate of use. This is because the use of nylon is an everyday thing. The business of making nylon can offer up to 50% and above as a return on investment. Nylon products are not perishable.

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Nylon Bag Market In Nigeria

You only have to protect them from dust until selling takes place. The expansion of the nylon bag continues in Nigeria. The gap of supply have formed a market gap of N2.7 billion on a yearly basis.

There is a market that exists for making polythene in Nigeria. This is due to much product demand. Price and quantity are affected by many factors.

What Categories Of Nylon Bag Can You Produce?

The following categories of nylon are the ones you can produce:

a) Santana
b) Groundnut nylon
c) Moi Moi nylon
d) Crayfish nylon
e) Bread nylon
f) Laundry nylon
g) Ice block nylon

Nylons are of 2 categories which are the high density and low density nylons. The nylons of low density is the bread nylon. Dry cleaners also use it for making pure water. Nylons of low density is not noisy when squeezing happens. The thickness varies and this depends on the aim of using it and the need for customer.

The capital is dependent on the finance. You may begin with little capital or with fabricated machines that was fabricated with machines. These machines also include the semi automatic machinery. You may decide to buy the raw materials. Then the option is for other companies to handle the cutting, printing, punching and extrusion.

You will only market the finished products and achieve a mark up that is significant. It is also preferable to get a fully automatic machine since you are able to get jobs outside your production.

Nylon Bag Making Machines

The necessary machines for processing nylon are:

Cutting machine

The machine cuts the polythene into many sizes.

Blowing machine (extruder)

The machine does the turning of the raw materials. (B.A.S.I, DOW, Escorene, Master Big) and into a form that is liquid. They later turn to polythene sheets for each thickness and color that is required.

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Punching Machine

The punching machine forms handles, holes and particular carrier shapes. The main raw materials are the Master- Berg and products of petroleum. The colour matter is Master Berg. This is the one that is put to the polythene to offer many colours.

You can choose from the above nylon categories.

The Process Of Making Nylon Bags

Making of nylon bags is not very technical. Pouring of either of the raw materials like Escorene, B.A.S.F or DOW into the melting and heating base of the machine (extruder) goes first. Melting, heating and conversion to liquid is next. Blowing with pressure across a passage and simultaneous cooling takes place.

This generating apparatus does the simultaneously cooling. Series of rollers and conversion to bales within the extruder’s output produce polyethylene sheets. Take the sheets to sealing and cutting machine and you can use the hand cutting machines.

The Target Market For Nylon Bag Business

The target market for making nylons are:
a) Banks
b) Supermarkets
c) Pure water firms
d) Pharmacist firms
e) Traders
f) Telecommunications stores
g) Hospitals
h) Outfits for fashion
i) Companies for waste management
j) Bakeries
k) Agencies of government
l) Bukateria

The Plan Of Production Of Nylon Bag

Any convenient location is suitable for the place of locating the plan. The location should meet necessary regulations and factory laws. Make approximate provision for spaces. This space depends on size lest you may not need a physical place for little capital.

You can proceed with a call card and a capital that is minimum. This minimum capital is N50k- N100k. Ensure that the place of location has necessary power supply. This will help save the cost of purchasing diesel. It will reduce the wastage coming from the outage of power.

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Nylon bags are not perishable. You can store it in place. You will not store it in a flammable area since it can catch fire.

Costing For Large Scale Nylon Business

a) Local extruder: N1.5- N2.0M
b) Foreign: N4.95M

Sealing and cutting machine

a) Local machines with prices between N0.7M- N1.2M
b) Machine (double checker)- N2180000M

Machine For Punching

a) Local (fabricated) machine: N400- N650k
b) Foreign ( fabricated): N720k


a) Low Definiting is between N1M to N1.5M
b) High definition is between N1.5- N2.5M.
Note that these prices can change.

Raw Materials

a) High definition ( materials) for each bag (25kg) is at N8200
b) Low definition material for each bag (25kg) is at N7200
c) Exxon Mobil price for each bag (25kg) is at N8,350
d) Master Berg for each kilo is at N700 to N1000


a) Marketers for each day N35000 per month
b) Operator man for each day to 24 days is N45000
c) Punching, extrusion and putting of 7 bundles of 25kg is at N1500

d) Transporting: N5000
e) Utilities is at N10000
f) Promotions activities is at N20000

The prices above are dependent on certain factors like:

a) Sizes
b) Terms of payment
c) Cost of transportation
d) Varieties and ordering frequency

Nylon prices are:

a) N3500 per pack for fashion (0.80)
b) N2000 per pack for fashion (0.6 or 0.7mm)
c) N2000 per back for stationeries (0.6mm)

d) N10000 per pack of snacks (0.6mm)
e) N1500 per pack for singlet (0.2 mm)
f) N3500 per pack of poly thick at 0.8mm


There is everyday use of nylon bags in Nigeria. The business of producing nylon is profitable. For any questions, the use of our comment box is at your freedom.


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