Niiboo Vibes – All you need to know and how to use it

Today i want to share with you little more about the popular video sharing network app niiboo vibes. The app was recently launched for the purpose of video update. The app allows the passing of information’s and as well sharing amazing videos including funny video you think people will be interested on watching or what could make others happy including inspirational words and gospel.

Niiboo Vibes home page

Niiboo Vibes is a video application released by Serome Daniel for the purpose of sharing all kinds of video.

It also of great benefits to music artist as well. Since the released of the app, the app is really on it spark as many of us now see it better of way to share video and watch update videos on the net. Sad enough the app has limit to duration and size of video one can upload which means if video length is more than a certain mb or size the app will tell you to resize your video.

Niiboo Vibes login

The app gives you an access to share video directly from the app to your friends on whatsapp and as well update your instagram with video directly from the app. To make it more better you can use video from niiboo vibes for as status on other social medias such as facebook, instagra, whatsapp etc. You can also download your favorite video on the network.

Niiboo Vibes

With all the above listed benefits of the app and it fun there is something we considered as more amazing. The app reward users for using the app daily which is used to say thank you for using niiboo vibes. When ever you upload a video on to niiboo vibes you get award with some points which can be claimed as cash to your account. you also get rewarded for watching and commenting on videos. When you recommend your friends to download the app and register with your reference code, you also get rewarded with high amount of points as well.

Niiboo Vibes reward points

Now we see why Niiboo Vibes is growing with this high speed. aside having fun, promoting your business you also get paid. This is considered wow.

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How to use Niiboo Vibes

Niiboo Vibes menu

At first you have to download niiboo vibes from google playstore here

After downloading the app, open it and click register, if you don’t want to register now you can click Skip to start using niiboo vibes, You can register latter.

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How to upload video on Niiboo Vibes

  • To upload video click the menu icon at the left side and click Upload¬†Video
  • Enter the title of your video
  • Select category that fits your video
  • Put your video image. You can get your video image right from your video while playing then you screenshot the area you want to use for the feature image
  • Put your video and click upload.
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When it shows black tab with UPLOAD…¬†wait a while for it to finish uploading, you can check the progress at your notification center.


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