Nigerians Pain: Why! Why!! Oh Why!!!

Why? Why? Oh Why?

nigerians crying

Why is my heart bleeding?

Why is my heart hot in these code weather?

Why do i feel worried for my country?

Why do i have to tell the truth?

Why do crying eyes see’s?

Why are you draining us?

Why have you keep deaf ear to the cry of the masses?

Why do you let yourself been use against you people?

Why do you choose to be the one that bring pain upon millions of people?

Why have you taken your children abroad under another man’s rulership when you are a ruler?

Why do we go to another man’s country for ear treatment and medication when we have a country? does this means we know the pain of the country?

Why have Obama haven’t been to Nigeria for medication?

Why are you making life hard for the poor? why, tell me why?

Why do you make us feel that this suffering will not end soon?

Why is there not even encouraging words from you to your people concerning their suffering?

Why is there still a market price for Dollar after devaluation of Naira? does this mean someone is getting commission from it?

Why is there still no light in my country after all you promise in election campaigns?

Why have we not seen the N5,000 Naira monthly you promise the youths on your election campaign?

Why are you advising me to do what you are not doing?

Why are your children not joining me in the farming you encourage me to?

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Why the subsidy removal after they have told us that there is nothing called subsidy removal, that all was just a fraud?

Why have none alleged governors or commissioners that where involve in money laundry crime been in prison?

Why have almost every one well know on PDP porting to APC?

Why do you disappoint those who trust in you?

Why do you bit the finger that feed you?

Why do i still trust you even as i cry?

Why do we hunt the truth?

Why am are even still crying?

Let somebody tell me why, i just want to know why.


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