Nigerian Youths, Music and “Blow” Syndrome: PART ONE

I sat under the shade of my family’s largest Vine Yard early this weekend reminiscing; some areas of my life need speedy upgrade even though everyday I thank our Grand Creator for all that He has done and continues to do. Me, Nigeria and the Earth indeed is aging: Green-White-Green still splatter across the streets in most metropolis. For me, I was grateful for a bonus day off secular work…..

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Gone are the days when we dance to Western songs at the club or dance freestyle. It is now afropop or nothing else, shaku shaku or something else. The Nigerian music sense has been tuned, hopefully not forever, to the sound of heavy metals and off music essence itself (flow of meaningful lyrics with good choreography); almost nothing of talented lyricists. That’s why we have songs with heavy instrumentals and “baby gal oya na” as the lyrics or what my kiddo nicknamed “Lulabies with meaningless words”.

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Music in “Naija” no longer touches the heart nor the soul. It PREDORMINANTLY does one thing: “ginger you to ginger” if that makes any sense. While the music industry is more lucrative than ever in Nigeria and all eyes seem to be on us, it is noteworthy to point out that there is no time in history that Nigerian music has been this absurd.

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Nevertheless, there is still good music here in Nigeria and I salute those ones and the lovers of such, you inspire!


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