Nigeria States Population Ranking List 2016

This are Nigeia states and their population ranking list, ranging from the The most populated state in Nigeria. On this article is Nigeria states population ranking list, so If you are in search of Nigeria most populated state or you want to know the state having the highest population in Nigeria, the table below table presents a listing of Nigeria’s 36 states ranked in order of their total population based on preliminary 2016 Census figures.

nigeria state population ranking

Nigeria States Population Ranking List

1Lagos State9,383,682
2Kano State9,013,534
3Kaduna State6,066,562
4Katsina State5,792,578
5Oyo State5,591,589
6Rivers State5,185,400
7Bauchi State4,676,465
8Jigawa State4,348,649
9Benue State4,219,244
10Anambra State4,182,032
11Borno State4,151,193
12Delta State4,098,391
13Imo State3,934,899
14Niger State3,950,249
15Akwa Ibom State3,920,208
16Ogun State3,728,098
17Sokoto State3,696,999
18Ondo State3,441,024
19Osun State3,423,535
20Kogi State3,278,487
21Zamfara State3,259,846
22Enugu State3,257,298
23Kebbi State3,238,628
24Edo State3,218,332
25Plateau State3,178,712
26Adamawa State3,168,101
27Cross River State2,888,966
28Abia State2,833,999
29Ekiti State2,384,212
30Kwara State2,371,089
31Gombe State2,353,879
32Yobe State2,321,591
33Taraba State2,300,736
34Ebonyi State2,173,501
35Nasarawa State1,863,275
36Bayelsa State1,703,358
Abuja Federal Capital Territory1,405,201

This are the 36 states in Nigeria and their population ranking.

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  2. You are involving personal intrest and selfishness in the estimation, Kano is the best up-to today lagos will never be the most populated state in Nigeria. I said it and I will repeat it Kano is the best

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