Nigeria 2019 Election Voting Procedures You Must Know

On this article informationhood wish to enlighten the public in how one can cast their vote easily without stress or fight on the forthcoming Nigeria 2019 election. We have gone on our way to get all the process one will need to go through to make vote count in the 2019 coming election in Nigeria.

VOTING PROCEDURES FOR  2019 Election in Nigeria

The reason for this post is to encourage you to vote. On previous elections some Nigerians refused to vote with a claimed that Nigeria election voting process is much more than what they can afford due to stress, this article is meant to inform you all you will need to go through to make your vote count this time around in the Nigeria 2019 election. Note that it as easy and fast. See below.

Before we proceed, please and please vote for Nigeria and not for a bag of rice or 5000 Naira bribe that will only last few days. There is a high consequence following selling your vote as the suffering maybe greater than the 5k or bag of rice or salt bribe, and please vote wisely for that person you are much convince God will use to save Nigeria, don’t vote for political parties please. Now we may proceed with Nigeria election voting procedures.


How to Vote in Forthcoming Nigeria 2019 Election

According to INEC, the procedures for every Nigerian casting their vote for their choice candidate is made easy as follows.

Nigeria 2019 Election Date: Saturday, 16 February 2019 for Nigerian general election

This is designed to help you understand the Voting Procedures during an election. Remember that you are qualified to vote if you are a registered voter and your name appears on the register of voters at your polling.

Opening of the Polling Units:
On each Election Day, polling stations will open for Accreditation and Voting from 8:00 am to 2.00 pm. However, voters on the queue before the close of poll at 2:00pm will be accredited and allowed to vote.

Voting Procedure:
Voting at the polling unit will be as follows:

Step 1:

At the polling unit, join the queue. An INEC official will check if you are at the correct polling unit and confirm that the PVC presented belongs to you.

Step 2:

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An INEC official will confirm if your PVC is genuine using the card reader. You will be asked to place your finger on the card reader.

Step 3:

An INEC official will ask for your PVC and confirm you are listed in the Voters Register. Your name will be ticked and your finger will be inked to confirm you have voted. If your name is not found you cannot vote.

Step 4:

The Presiding officer will stamp, sign and endorse your ballot paper. You will be given the ballot paper rolled with the printed side inwards and directed to the voting cubicle.

Step 5:

Stain your finger with the ink given and mark the box for your preferred candidate/party. Roll the ballot paper in the manner you were given and flatten it.

Step 6:

Leave the voting cubicle and drop the ballot paper in the ballot box in full view of people at the Polling Unit.

Step 7:

Leave the Polling Unit or wait if you so choose, in an orderly and peaceful manner, to watch the process up to declaration of result.

N.B: The result of each Polling Unit shall be pasted at the unit for everyone to see.

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Your right as a voter:

On each Election Day, you have the right to:

  • Access the polling station
  • Receive information on the voting procedures from the poll officials
  • Vote in secret.

Responsibility of the Voter:

  • Obey all lawful instructions from the INEC and Security Officials on election duty.
  • Leave the polling unit or wait if you so choose in an orderly and peaceful manner.
  • Encourage other voters to do likewise.

This is the process of voting in the forthcoming election in Nigeria. Before you leave listing to Serome’s advice. No political party is worth dying for. Your life is just one of it kind and just once in lifetime, when you are gone you are gone and that is it all, but still those political candidate will still be here, don’t let them use you, don’t allow them abort your great destiny, so please avoid fight and destruction and vote in peace. no amount of Naira worth KILLING YOURSELF for. Above all Nigeria will be reborn and be great again. I will be alive to witness IT.


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