N-POWER in Nigeria, All you Need to Know

n-power is a federal government initiative created to reduce unemployment, creat jobs and empower citizens of nigeria in various skills.


The scheme is designed to do the following;

  • To reduce poverty and unemployment.
  • To produce individuals whom are empolyable at the end of the day.
  • To profer solutions to faulty public service and government policy           N-power as it name implies is categorised into three viable groups namely:
  • The N-power teacher corps; which involves the employment of 500,000 unempolyed graduates who will be trained and engaged. these graduates will provide teaching, instructional and advisory solutions in four units.
  • The N-power teach: graduates here will serve as assistant teachers in secondary and primary schools and take it to the grassroot areas
  • The N-power Health: amongst the 500,000 graduates will involve in rendering public health services and will be trained by experts too.
  • N-power Community Education: members under this group will be deployed to communities as instructors and adult educators
  • N-power Agro: volunteers under this group will be deplyed to serve as middlemen between farmers and researchers fro better farming practices
  • N-power knowledge: this is a programme where members are train to the job which includes
  • N-power creative
  • N-power tech hardware
  • N-power tech softtware
  • N-power build.  note that the scheme is not an employment as fresh graduates will be deployed once the existing ones are through with their. the scheme will pay the sum of 23,000 naira monthly. THE LINK TO REGISTER IS: www.npower.gov.ng
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