Kwaki, kwaki.

This poem was written by me, In the year 2017 when I visited Kano State.

It was to my surprise, when I saw Hausa people eating and drinking gari, making Eba with Kuka soup, because it was the most affordable food available.

Everything else was extremely costly, and to us, food is life.

Gari, Garin Kwaki in Hausa accent wasn’t a food for the Bahaushe’s, they don’t do it, they don’t eat it, they believed it was a food for the extremely poor people.

I could remember back then when I was in secondary school, my Hausa friends do often bullied me, saying we Yoruba’s don’t have another food except Kwaki, of which good is it?

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But surprisingly, everything changed, the table turned around after the 2015 Nigerian presidential election. We all did experienced a change as they promised but not as we thought.

Gari became a food for the bahaushe’s, not because they started liking it, but because it was the most affordable food left, due to the recession our new elected government got us into.

KWAKI, KWAKI – read and enjoy

Kwaki wasn’t a food for the northern indigos.
No, not. Not until their hero, our hero took the lead:
Took the staff of power
Like the young King of wakanda
But too old to fit in the shoes of vibrant men.

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We had a Savior
A cheaper Savior if you should know
Fetir, Petro, Petrol.
Yes, and that was it
Our Savior in times of darkness
When the power is out
When NEPA is fluctuating.
When it’s coming and going
Like Abiku.
Or: or when it is rising and falling
Like our economy
Yes, our economy.

We had a cheap Savior
Until it is no more
But was.

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We became like old unfortunate parents
Revolving around a spot
Telling a sweet accursed story of once upon a time.

Things we could afford
Became a curse
That we could afford them no more.

We became like ignorant kids,
Standing still, wishing upon a falling star.

But, sometimes, it’s better to move back in time, when the future, is uncertain.

I wish as we celebrate each additional year, we remember that we aren’t heading no where, we remember that we need some new working strategy.


The Author

David Ayo Olowoeyo

David Ayo Olowoeyo is a young and vibrant writer born and brought up in Kano State Nigeria. Ayo is a graduate of the Boggash Institute of Computer technology and renowned content developer. Ayo is the author of the short story "the devil in us" and also a coauthor of the modern poetry anthology. Ayo's writings have been widely anthologized and publicized with remarked global repute.

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