My first experience in University of Benin

It started in the year 2015, when I was admitted as one of the students of University of Benin, I was so happy. Prior before I gained admission, I’ve heard so many horrible stories about Benin ranging from cultism, witchcraft and promiscuity but none of this deterred, my mind was already made up. And before I applied the school, I made thorough investigation about the school and my area of discipline so I was convinced that the school is good at Arts.

My first experience in University of Benin

university of benin - UNIBEN

The first thing that tickled my fancy the first time that I visited the school was when I boarded a vehicle at “Main gate” going to “Faculty ” and when I asked the driver the fare price, he told me #20, I was amazed, #20?Lol…!. When we alighted at Faculty, I called my friend that she should come pick me up, after some minutes, she came and we headed to her hostel. She actually lived at “Ekosodin”, from back gate, we boarded a tricycle popularly known as “keke” down to her lodge. When we got to the junction that led to her lodge, I felt some sensations in me, she lived in the area called “Market”. The reason why I felt like that was because, everywhere looked bushy and when I tried to make call, I noticed that there was no network in my phone, that grew my fear.

The distance from the junction to her house wasn’t far, as we were going, I noticed that anyone she greeted, she would say “doo” and they would replied same. As an inquisitive lady, I asked her what she meant by that word, she told me that it is Benin’s way of greeting. I shrugged. During my stay with her, I noticed that most of the students in the lodge were always calling each other “scholar”, as time goes on, I got to know that what they meant by scholar is a student that reads much and one who is intelligent. As time went on, I heard so many horrible stories about Ekosodin, it is seen as a dreadful area and a land of cultists. Some students tag it as a cursed community because of how undeveloped the community looks despite that a great and prestigious University of Benin is closer to them. The roads are in deplorable state, in fact, during rainy season, the roads seem to be blocked. But despite all these, the community seems to have greater number of students compared to any other place that students live.

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When I did my clearance as a newbie, I didn’t find it much difficult because I had great and caring friends that made things easier for me. The only thing I suffered was trekking in the scorching sun, though, I rounded off my clearance in second semester and it was then that I got my matriculation number. The matriculation ceremony for new intakes, I couldn’t attend because we had Phonetics lecture on the said day, been that I was admitted as a direct entry student, I wasn’t so much moved by it. It was after the lecture that I and few friends went to celebrate with one of my direct entry colleagues and we had fun. Also, I had a female friend whose one of her wooers came and took us out to one popular fastfoods at University of Benin, it’s called “Mattice”.

As a student who has passion for God, I found a fellowship for myself, I joined “RCF” family, I joined the family because I was a leader at RCF in my former school. Locating RCF wasn’t much ado for me because I met a guy who’s also a member on my way to fellowship. Prior before that, I’ve always known the days of worship and thanks to the posters I saw around. It was on a Tuesday, and I enjoyed every bit of the fellowship and the way we were welcomed as “new comers”.

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Also, locating my course mates wasn’t much difficult too, I asked where English and Literature students and I was directed, I followed the directions and that day, I met a girl coming out from “A4. I told her that I’m looking for English and Liteture students, she told me that she’s one of the students and right and there in, she introduced me to other course mates and even the class reps. I was so happy that I’ve found my class mates, I exchanged numbers with few persons that helped me with notes.

My first semester exams was around the corner, I did my best, read the way I could but when the results came, I wasn’t so much impressed by my performance. I spent most of the nights at night class. I was expecting A’s and being that I know my ability well, it came like a blow to me but that didn’t deter me because I believe that “once there’s life, there’s hope”. I dusted my self and braced myself up for a better tomorrow. It was as time went on that I got to know that my course is seen as one of the most difficult and dreaded courses in the Faculty of Arts, University of Benin. It’s said that it’s hard to produce “First class” and that the person that had it, was in the year “1987” and after some years, he kicked the bucket. His picture portriat is hung at the English and Literaure department.

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Finally, to be honest, I must say that University of Benin is a great school, the school’s academic structure I must confess is triangular in shape, as you’re moving, you’ll get to see how difficult, tighter and competitive the school is. Everyone is determined to make it, imagine after a week’s resumption, you’ll see students going for night class, you’ll be amazed. Less, I forgot, there was even a time that I forgot my ATM card in the ATM slot machine and this was because I was reading a voluminious novel, thanks to the good students around that called me back, it wasn’t funny but what will one do, the struggle is real and the dreams must be achieved.

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