Men who marry chubby women always live longer

Women should appreciate their shapes and  sizes especially the chubby ones. Gone are those days when the fat and chubby women are not appreciated.

chubby women

chubby women

Women who are chubby should always appreciate themselves . These days women who are chubby always look for a way to trim down and become someone else. They are usually not proud of themselves, this is because they feel they are not attractive to their men. Most times you see fat ladies beging in a relationship.

Women who are fat are actually beautiful , but most of them have refused to believe so. They rather listen to people’s advice on slimming down .

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Women who are fat can work on themselves to bring out those curvy and amazing shapes they have  but should not trim down totally as this is not the best.

At times,some women actually looks pretty when they are fat and chubby. All women must not be slim you know. Fat ladies should maintain the level at which their shape and curvy parts are not all covered with fat. This is when they look beautiful. Work on your shape not trying to slim down. When you allow your body to be covered with fat then your attractiveness might not be noticed.

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There are lots of excercise that actually help one in bringing out a wonderful and beautiful shapes.

To the men out there, research has showed that men who are either in a relationship or who are married to chubby women actually lives happier than those who are with the slim ones. The men tends to live longer as living happy makes one live longer.

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Studies have proven that whatever a slim lady can give to her man, a chubby lady can give that in 10 folds. Research has also proven that slim women are always reserved and unfriendly        ( most of them actually). Science has proven that with a chubby woman a man smiles more often.



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