Maximum Amount to Transfer With UBA U-Mobile App

Want to know the maximum amount one can send/transfer with UBA U-Mobile app? Well i have been in this question before which inspire me to write this little article. First let me quickly introduces the UBA Mobile app that is called UBA bank U-Mobile.

UBA U-Mobile app

U-mobile app is a UBA mobile banking application that allow you to carry out some trasaction’s such as buying airtime, Checking account balance, Paying bill, Checking trasactions, Transfering fund from ne account to another right in your home or office, in fact if you have the U-mobile app there is no need of going to the bank except you want to deposite physical cash or withdraw.

Maximum Amount to Transfer With UBA U-Mobile App

Back to the question that take us here ” Maximum Amount to Transfer At Once With UBA U-Mobile App. ”

Some few days ago i wanted to transfer 395k Naira to some with u-mobile app on my phone, after filling the whole details and proceed to the transfer, there comes an error message warning me that the amount i am trying to transfer is too huge. I didn’t stop there, This tine i short it to 350k, after completing the form same error message came up again. i was ahh… what is the problem naa, this time i shorting it to 100k, to my surprise the same error message came up again.

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My problem wanting to send it huge is because UBA was charging me N170 Naira when ever i made a transfer with the U-Mobile app, so i was like if i am going to send it by 10K till i transfer 375k definitely i am going to lost more than 5k for only the transfer. This time angrily i shorting it to 50k and proceed with the filling of the form and hit the transfer, i was already insulting UBA on my mind on for not letting to send it huge but 50k 50k, the network went bad and the transaction was cancelled, i have to start again by filling the form, to surprise the same error message came up that the money i am trying to transfer is too huge.

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This time i vex…… i can’t take this shirt any more.

So i drive to UBA bank close to me in IKeja and requested for transfer form. When i was filling the form the lady was as in do you need any assistant?. Then was when i pured out my anger on how their app has been stressing me over two hours now.

The lady said to me oh sorry sir, there is a lmited amount one can transfer at once with the U-mobile app oh.

Me: Hmmm what amount? i ask her.

She: 20K per transaction sir, She replied.

Me: Is that not useless? i ask.

She: But why don’t you use the internet banking or use the U-TOKEN app sir? she ask.

Me: Which one is U-TOKEN again naa? I replied/ask.

She: With U-TOKEN you can transfer any amount you wish to sir, she replied.

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Me: OK so where do i get that one? i ask.

She: You can download it on google play store and activate it on our website, or are you with your phone hee sir? she said & ask.

Me: Yes i am with my phone here, i answered. Ok bring it let me help download activate it.

This is how i stayed in the bank setting U-MOBILE on my phone after transfering what i went for. But the lady was really nce to me that day to the extend i was force to collecct her number while leaving.

Now you know, The maximum amount you can transfer at one with -MOBILE is 20,000 Naira only, and on every tranfer you made using U-MOBILE app you get charge 105 Naira cureently now.

If you are someone that transfer huge amount of money i also advice to go for U-TOKEN app because i am really enjoying mine now.  Click here If you want to contact UBA customer care.



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