Argentina football legend, Diego Maradona has been unveiled has new coach of Mexican side Dorados de Sinaloa. The club which plays in Mexico’s second tier is located in Culiacán in the northwestern province of Sinaloa, a region blighted with violence related to the Mexican drug cartels.

Culiacán is infamous as the hometown of the Sinaloa cartel — one of the world’s most powerful drug trafficking organisations. It was formerly run by the notorious Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman, who is now awaiting trial in the US.

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The news of Dorado’s signing of 57-year-old Maradona to a drug plagued region drew attention due to his past struggles with addiction.

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Addressing reporters at the press conference during his unveiling, Maradona didn’t shy away from his past.

“When I was using I was falling apart,” he said.

“It was a step backwards and a footballer always has to go forward.”

Thanking his daughters for finally quitting cocaine, he went on: “I was left without a cent.”

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He said his youngest daughter — who was four at the time — convinced him to keep going.

Maradona added: “When I was in a coma she touched my bedsheet to wake me up.”


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