List of Popular Communities/Villages in Isoko

popular communities in Isoko

Isoko is a region located in delta state having the most kind people on earth. They have the most sweetest foods in Nigeria, their language learn and it sound very good in hearing. The only polytechnic in delta state is locate in Isoko region. And also known for the best palm oil and plantain region in all over Nigeria.

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popular communities in Isoko

On this article we will be presenting to you the most popular comunits  / towns in Isoko, so if your intention is to know the most popular community or town in isoko, then just take a look at the list below.

List of Most Popular Communities In Isoko

  1. Ozoro Isoko
  2. Oleh Isoko
  3. Irri Isoko
  4. Oyede Isoko
  5. Opke Isoko
  6. Uzere Isoko
  7. Elu Iskoko
  8. Ofagbe Isoko
  9. Ideze Isoko
  10. Ada Isoko
  11. Uro Isoko
  12. Bethel Isoko
  13. Ewen Isoko
  14. Igbide Isoko
  15. Owelogbo Isoko
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This are the list of top 15 isoko communities currently now.

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