List of Office Equipment’s to Set up Your Office in Nigeria

Nice having you here. This post consist of List of Office Equipment’s to Set up Your Office in Nigeria. Everyone wants to have a very good comfortable office. I wanted to be more comfortable than you in my office! Lol, just joking. A comfortable office doesn’t only makes you comfortable but makes people place you business or company at a high rate. No one wants to deal with un-serious people not talking of un-serious businesses. So one of the thing you should consider is arranging your office better than that of your competitors. If you don’t want to be comfortable in your office, at least you would want to make it conducive for you clients/customers.

List of Office Equipment’s to Set up Your Office in Nigeria

Office Desk

Without wasting any time. Let’s go straight to how you can make your office conducive for stay by using the best office equipment’s.

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The first thing to consider when trying to equip you office, is the type of business your company is running. All business are not same so are the office, this is to say hair juice company office can’t use same equipment’s with mental production company office. The good part that we are going to consider on this post’ is the fact that businesses has gone pass the old-time where you seat and wait for customers passing by to come in. No! today the internet is one of the best place for business to stand and in order to get prominent clients and customers. Many business today cannot survive without the use of internet.

This is to say the common thing within every business is computer. One’s office cannot afford missing computer. At this point I’m going to say the listed equipment on this list should be considered as idea. You only have to pick the ones you think they fit for your business. Let’s go

1. A Good working computer


As mentions above, you can’t live in your office without computer. This is considered as must requireequipment in the office of every business owner or company. You need a facebook page, check on information, check on your clients and customers review and as well wants to communicate with them. Never to forget that your business need a website. Read my post on  why your business must have a website here and then consider having one if you don’t yet.

Before now computer was considered affordable for big business owners only but it never like that anymore. Even children can now afford buying computer, so how much more is you who run a business. Computers are now very affordable, in fact you can get a very good perfect working laptop from the range of N25,000 to N30,000 in Nigeria. If you don’t know where to go then read the post where i wrote cheap laptops warehouse in Nigeria here and get yours.

To inform you more on this computer stuff. There is now a very comfortable all-in-one PC computer that is now in Nigeria, though it has been for long but getting into Nigeria recently. The new one of the ALL-IN-ONE Computer cost about N200,000 but you can get the direct UK used at a cheaper price of N45. If you don’t know where to go then read this post here, of Cheap Sony all-in-one computer at affordable price here. You can read more about All-in-One Pc here.

2. Office chair

Office chair

Can you be in your office without chair? It’s impossible. Every office need an office chair. For me I would advice to go for the best. There are some rolling chair locally called barber chair. Hmm, now you must have known the kind of chair I’m talking about. Don’t go and get exactly barber chair oh, there are fancy office rolling chairs that you can get from shops around you, the last time I check on their prices it was around N27,000 to N50,000 depend on the quality.

If you can’t afford the amount of new office chair you can then check on where to buy the used one from someone or importers. If you are in Lagos then you can check on Ladipo or Alaba international market.

3. High Speed Internet Model

Internet Model

The reason I mentioned computer earlier is for you to be able to access the internet. Computer Alone can not archive that goal so you need a good internet connection that is very fast. According to review I read on nairaland many people prefer Swift Model. Before buying model make sure you have it network in your location or else you will buy another one.

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On this post I won’t recommend any internet connection model but I’m currently using is glo 4g Lite mifi and it’s ok in my location.

4. Printer, Scanner, Photocopier Machine

Printer, Scanner, Photocopier Machine

You may want to have a printer in your office which enables you to print what ever you want to instead of running after cyber cafe’s anytime you want to print. Some printers are cheap. There are some that are 3-in-One having printer, scanner, and photocopier all together. Make sure you go for a colored machine.

If you want to buy printer, scanner or photocopy machine you can check on computer shops around you or you order it online from konga here.

5. Paper Clip

Paper Clip

This is another important thing you need it the office. A paper clip is a tiny piece of wire that holds pieces of paper together. If you have to keep large amounts of paper together, you need a bulldog clip that is much bigger and works better. A paper clip temporarily keeps papers together, but a stapler does it permanently. However, one thing with stapler is that when you want to disconnect the papers you need to look for a stapler remover. Paper clip holders make it easy for you to pick all the paperclips with a magnet when you drop all of them.

You can buy paper clip from qualified bookshops or have it order online.

6. Framed Photos

Framed Photos

Some offices and banks in Nigeria has a whole lot of frames. Some are having frames of the state governor, president of the country etc. But for me I would recommend a frame or a love one which makes you happy remembering wonderful moment spent together and how dear they are to you when you look into. This can keep you warm and make your office period bearable.

Processing frame is less expensive. I know of someone that does quality frame in Lagos at a very affordable rice. If you are in Lagos and in need of their contact you can indicate that on the comment box below.

7. Scissors


Depend on your business type, you may need scissors in the office in order to cut paper or other objects and to open packages. Buy a pair of scissors that is of best quality and keep on your office desk. You can then use it to safely and easily cut paper or any other soft material. Scissors is affordable and you can order it online.

8. Office Desk

Office Desk

As same as you can’t operate in an office without chair so it’s with table as well. So you should consider having a fancy desk that Will match your office. Fancy and qualified wood workers can make you a good desk for your office. If you want to buy then check on office equipment shops around you to buy one.

9. Water Dispenser

Water Dispenser

Water is called live buy doctor that is why the elders always says who give you water wants you to live healthy. Putting a water dispenser in your office will not only make you happy and healthy but as well be of relief to your testy clients or customers. Note it’s not all office that require water dispenser so choose only depending on your business type.

Water dispenser is currently within the range of N25,000 upward depending on quality. You can buy water dispenser in physical electronic stores or buy it or buy on online shops. You can see a list of best water dispensers in Nigeria here and choose the one that suite you.

10. Consider A.C (Air Conditioner)

Air Conditioner

Heat is in another way round known as stress. Don’t heat cook yourself and client/customer together. Don’t give yourself and client/customers the stress of heat in your office. As for me, I would say A.C is a must have equipment for every office as far as you will be in the office or have your customers or clients there. Even if you sell  products alone, i still think you need it. See list of best air conditioners in Nigeria here.

11. TV + Decoder (DSTV or GoTv)


For you or your clients/customers not to feel boring sometimes, you would need a service of TV in your office however this depend on your type of business. If you sell such as phones, laptops and some others related sales, I don’t think you need a Tv. My reason is from experience, your customers maybe be force to stay to finish a movie or so when there is an interesting program and occupy available space meant for new coming customers. This will make the office to be too tight for new customers to transact business.

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However some office needs it to keep their clients busy such as banks and so on.

If you think your office needs TV then it will be of good to still include any of the pay to watch tv provider decoder such as Dstv or Gotv. For me i would go with Gotv because it’s more affordable and also have good Chanel’s, You can read about Gotv Nigeria, it subscription price and Chanel list here and make a choice.

12. Business Card

Business Card

Business card is very important. Not all the time you need to be calling your number for your clients to dial. Just give them your business card. Beside it give your business high standard rate and to you more respect. Till now people considered every business owner to have a card.

A good business card will have your personal name. Your company name, business type, what your company offer (service), office address, phone Number e.t.c.

If you need a business card then you can get a good graphic designer to make one for you. I would suggest you use high quality paper for it so it doesn’t get spoiled by water easily.

13. Fax Machine

fax machine

This days maybe people neglect the use of these wonderful machine called FAX, but I tell you this is one of the must have equipment in your office if you intend to transact important documents.

Phone cannot replace the position of fax machine. In the case you still don’t understand what I mean, then let me explain a bit further the use of fax machine.

According to faxauthority, A fax machine is a device that is use to send documents electronically over a telephone network. The transmissions it sends are called “faxes, ” and these can be between two fax machines, or between a fax machine and computer or online faxservice that is equipped to send and receive faxes.

Fax machine is quite expensive but not too expensive, you can order in on Nigeria online stores and have it delivered to you.

14. Office Desk Telephone

Office Desk Telephone

This is also very important in an office. Your handset cannot be used as an office phone if you plan a company for your business. There should be a least one telephone in your office for answering calls from clients and customers which is only available during office time period.

There are new model telephone in Nigeria and it’s not expensive and can be obtain in telephone shops locally. Or you order it online from Konga here.

15. Calculator

Calculator office equipment's

You need this in your office. Are you thinking of using the calculator in your phone? If so why do huge business or companies uses calculator? No! it will not be reasonable to tell your client or Customer to wait while you calculate with your phone. Even if you don’t have need for it, let it just be there.

Calculator is one of the most cheapest thing to afford in an office. With N2,000 you will get a very good working new office calculator from physical shops or online stores.

16. Pack of Pen

 Pack of Pen

Get a packet of good working quality pen for your office. Pen is very important and must have in an office. Big office or small office you need a pen to write.

In Nigeria here, it’s locally called Biro. Uhm. So go out there and get it. You can as well order it online if you wish to.

17. Coffee + cup

Coffee + cup - office equipment's

In a cold weather you need to have a cup of coffee to keep you warm. This is why i mentioned water dispenser earlier. With water dispenser you can get hot water which can be use in preparing coffee. Some people drink coffee every morning when they get to their office.

I’m not telling you to be having too much coffee or turn it to daily attitude. Remember that doctors always warn that too much intake of every thing has health complications. I don’t of it health complication but I know it does have. I said only for cold weather or when you feels like having it. Not always, uhm. Informationhood nor dey oh.

18. Calendar

Calendar - Office equipment's

Instead of running after your staffs for today’s date every time, better still’ get a calendar to always ask when ever you forget. Though we have it on our phone but not everyone remember that at the needing point. Even if you don’t need it, you may want to have it for the sake of your staffs, clients or customers.

Calendar is very cheap and can be find in some bookshop’s. You can also buy online. The cost is within N500 to N2,000.

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19. Wall Clock

Wall Clock - office equipments

You need this to keep you working with time. Aside that, your customers/clients or staffs can also make use of it.

Wall clock is affordable and can be purchase from dealers around you or better still’ order it online.

20. Air freshener

air freshener - office equipment's

Get you office to the best smell. I know you won’t be comfortable with bad smell, and you would want to say how will your office smell bad? Well I don’t want to go into details but all the same, let it have a nice smell.

Go for the best air fresher. There are many out there, if you go for cheaper one, hmm. Even you will have to run out of your office. Better still get something nice like air-wick and the auto spray machine that automatically spray every 20 minutes.

21. Sweeping Materials

 Sweeping Materials

You need a sweeping material in your office in order to keep your office clean. I’m not asking you to do the sweeping, what if i even do? are you bigger than making your own office clean? Anyway you can hire me to always do the sweeping if you can afford my bills, it’s not much though, N1m per month only.

22. Mopping tools

Mopping tools

Sweeping alone won’t do the whole cleaning process for you. You need to mop the ground and it should be repeated daily.

23. A Clip Board

A Clip Board - office equipment's

You may need this for notice and other important document placement. It could as well be used for writing. A clip board is a tiny piece of wood or plastic with a clip at the top so that you can attach the paper to it and write while standing.

Clip board can be obtain from huge qualified bookshop and it affordable as well.

24. Appointment Book

Appointment Book

An appointment book is a little book that empowers you to keep assignment of everything. Inside the An appointment book, it’s a little book that empowers you to keep assignment of everything. Inside the appointment book is normally a timetable loaded with your calendar and other critical data that you need, for example, telephone quantities of other individuals.

25. Carbon Paper

Carbon Paper

You need this for your office to be making duplicate of your writing for evidence and other purposes. Carbon paper is a pale blue paper that is utilized to influence a duplicate of what you write. You will put it between two bits of ordinary paper, and as you write on the best sheet of paper a duplicate of what you write will be made on the base sheet of paper.

Carbon is not expensive. And it can be attain in a bookshop.

26. Stable Electricity Supply (Light)

Electricity Supply light

The office is not a playing ground so one of the important thing one must consider is electricity in his or her office. Since the power supply in Nigeria don’t want to improve, one must then plan his or her way out. As for me, if you have money I would recommend you get inverter to assist your office. Don’t just depend on the phcn know as Nepa for your office power supply.

In addition there is a solar system that can power almost everything in an office. You can check for the one that fit’s yours.

Setting up good inverter with it batteries is around N200,000 naira. As for solar system I have no idea yet. You can check konga for their prices. Inverter here Solar system here.

27. A Hole Punch

A Hole punch

In the event that you have to make openings on the left half of a paper with the goal that the papers can be composed within a fastener, you require a gap cluster to have the capacity.

28. Computer Software’s

Computer Software's

You will need some software’s to manage your business or company. If you bought a fresh system, some of the software you will need is Microsoft Word 2010 upward, Corel draw, email marketing software and more. Tell your software engineer about your business so he will know the types of software’s you need.

If you are in Lagos then you can contact me for your software work. Yes! Make I still shop naa.

29. Desk Lamp

Desk Lamp

You need this for better view when writing and doing some other task. Desk lamps are affordable and can be obtain from local shops or online store in Nigeria.

Wow, whole lot of writing today, thank God we are here now. This is the list of office equipment you need for your office. However there maybe more you would want to but with this your office is consider perfectly OK.


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