List of Manpower Drugs in Nigeria and Ghana (Sex Enhancement Pills)

Sometimes physical strength may not be enough to handle her to her satisfaction some people used to say. some people have weak erection and can’t satisfy their woman sexually. In such case some people go in search for s*x enhancement pill popularly called man power in Nigeria.

manpower drugs

Currently in Nigeria there are several drugs available in the market to used to boost the flow of blood towards the working area to enable it stands strong and remain active for long. If you are in search for drugs to use for this purpose then this post is for you.

Wants to handle you woman the very best way she will always want to beg for it again and again? Then use any of the drug below. Before so doing, note that abuse and long use of some of the below medicines can cause damages in a long run. So use with care and follow instructions as prescribed by your physician or producer. On other case some of this have symptoms that may be dangerous for some people under some health issues or medication. Make sure you discuss your health status with you do to before intake of these medicines.

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List Of Manpower Drugs in Nigeria and Ghana

  1. Vega 100
  2. Green World Vigpower Capsule
  3. Viagra
  4. Levitra
  5. Cialis
  6. Priligy
  7. Libiron Herbal capsule
  8. Tadalafil (Cialis)
  9. Stud100
  10. Sildenafil (Viagra)
  11. Natural Herbs
  12. Vardenafil (Levitra)
  13. Samson Powder

This is the list of manpower drugs we can get hold on at the time. Note that to have some of this medicines to work well, you need accurate relaxation after intake to the blood to flow properly. Taken it 30 minutes or more before action works better.

Aside using drugs to boost s*xual performance there are other better way to archive this naturally without a use of a single drug, check that below.

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It has been noted that the best way to be strong in bed is to eat heathy food and kills bacteria and infections. Some fruits and for can help archive your goals. Below are some fruits to eat that helps boost your strength and keep your woman happy.


banana for sex drives

According to our findings, banana is one of the best natural way to boost s*xual performance. If you need to last long in bed the. turn eating banana to be daily act. It said banana contains bromelain that heals impotence and increase sex drive in men. It also said that bromelain is also found in pineapple. It will interest you to also know that bromelain is also used to heal swelling (inflammation) bromelain is also used to heal swelling (inflammation) According to WebMD.


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