List Of Best Hotels in Agbarho Delta State

Good day friends, welcome to informationhood. Today i’m going to share with you some hotels that are currently in existence here in agbarho region of Delta state very close to ughelli. There are so many reasons one could be searching for hotels in agbarho mostly for strangers who are visiting agbarho would appreciate going to lodge in a hotel for comfort and other personal reasons. If your question is hotels in agbarho then this article will be of great help to you.

Agbarho is not a too big community but it’s considered as one of the most peaceful community within Warri Delta state and Ughelli Delta state. Agbarho community mainly consist of the Urhobo people as it’s one of the urhobo people.

List Of Hotels in Agbarho Delta State

There are some hotels in the community that strangers of those who just wish to spend time outside their house can lodge for a while. This hotels around agbarho can not be considered as top lodges but couldn’t be manageable if you don’t wish to go too far from agbarho in search of hotels. Check below list of hotels around agbarho.

1. Godek Motel Hotel

This is considered as one of the best hotel in Agbarho and it very close to the police station which makes security very good.

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Godek Motel is situated in Ughelli, Delta State.  Each room is fitted with an air conditioner, a worktable, a TV, an en suite bathroom and a fridge. Laundry and room service can be arranged. Onsite parking space is available at the motel and guarded by security personnel. Godek Motel is opposite Agbarho Police Station.

The hotel is not considered as one of the recent designed hotel or with high features but as mentioned earlier it could be manageable when you need somewhere to lodge within the community of agbarho. Their hotel rate is from ₦2,000 to ₦3,000 naira mainly ₦2,500 their executive rooms.

See Photos of Godek Motel Hotel Below

Godek Motel - Hotels in agbarho
Godek Motel - Hotels in agbarho

If you would love to book a room in Godek Motel hotel then ask for the agbarho police station in where ever your are in agbarho, the hotel is just opposite the police station. Note that this hotel doesn’t accept POS or transfer for which reason you have to go with your cash at hand to book a room.

2. Extra-Lax Hotel

Another good hotel to consider when looking for a place to lodge in agbarho is the Extra Lax hotel. The hotel have some good comfort and is considered one of the best in the community.

The hotel is located at 12, Odejegbe Street in Agbarho. The building desing of quite recent and their room is considered manageable or best compare to some others in the community.

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Extra-Lax Hotel room rate is from ₦2,500₦4,0000

Extra-Lax Hotel Address: 12, Odejegbe Street, Agbarho

Extra-Lax Hotel Photos

Extra-Lax Hotel - Hotels in agbarho
Extra-Lax Hotel - Hotels in agbarho

To book a room in Extra-Lax Hotel, ask around how you can get to 12, Odejegbe Street, Agbarho. In this location ask for Extra-Lax Hotel.

3. Ain’s Lodge Hotel

Ain’s Lodge is another hotel lodge in agbarho. The hotel is located in a conducive environment but the inside of the hotel and it management is nothing but disgusting, not conducive or encouraging in any form. However informationhood consider this hotel could be manageable if one should run out of looking for a better place to lodge for a time. The hotel currently lack a lot of good features needed in a hotel and more like just a quest house for local visit. The maintenance’s of their rooms and it looks don’t look professional in anyway.

If you are looking for a small and less cost lodge to just spend a time, you could check on this hotel.

The hotel is located in 17B Odejegbe Street

Hotel Address: 17B Odejegbe Street, Agbarho 333110, Nigeria

Room Cost Per Night: ₦2,000

Ain’s Lodge Hotel Photos

Ain's Lodge - hotels in Agbarho
Ain's Lodge - hotels in Agbarho

To locate this hotel ask of the street name, getting there ask of the Ain’s Lodge .

This are the list of hotels in agbarho delta state. You can help us review this post, if you think there is a hotel in agbaro that is left unlisted on this list or would want to share an idea or experience with any of the listed hotels please notify us using the comment box below or contact us direct using the our contact us information.

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