Airports in Nigeria: Complete list of Nigeria Airports

On this article is complete list of Airports in Nigeria, this list contained international airport, state airport, national airports in Nigeria. At 2016 while writing this article this are the airport functioning in Nigeria

Airports in Nigeria

Airport names shown in bold have scheduled passenger service on commercial airlines.

Complete List Of Airports In Nigeria 

City servedStateICAOIATAAirport name
International airports [1]
AbujaFCTDNAAABVNnamdi Azikiwe International Airport [1]
EnuguEnuguDNENENUAkanu Ibiam International Airport [2]
KanoKanoDNKNKANMallam Aminu Kano International Airport [3]
LagosLagosDNMMLOSMurtala Muhammed International Airport [4]
Port HarcourtRiversDNPOPHCPort Harcourt International Airport [5]
Major domestic airports [2]
BauchiBauchipendingpendingSir Abubakar Tafawa Balewa Airport
CalabarCross RiverDNCACBQMargaret Ekpo International Airport [6]
JosPlateauDNJOJOSYakubu Gowon Airport [7]
KadunaKadunaDNKAKADKaduna Airport [8]
MaiduguriBornoDNMAMIUMaiduguri International Airport [9]
SokotoSokotoDNSOSKOSadiq Abubakar III International Airport [10]
YolaAdamawaDNYOYOLYola Airport [11]
Other domestic airports [3]
AsabaDeltaDNASABBAsaba International Airport [12]
AkureOndoDNAKAKRAkure Airport [13]
BauchiBauchiDNBABCUBauchi Airport [14]
BeninEdoDNBEBNIBenin Airport [15]
Birnin KebbiKebbipendingpendingKebbi International Airport
GombeGombeDNGOGMOGombe Lawanti International Airport
IbadanOyoDNIBIBAIbadan Airport [16]
IlorinKwaraDNILILRIlorin Airport [17]
JalingoTarabapendingpendingJalingo Airport
KatsinaKatsinaDNKTDKAKatsina Airport [18]
MakurdiBenueDNMKMDIMakurdi Airport [19]
MinnaNigerDNMNMXJMinna Airport [20]
OwerriImoDNIMQOWSam Mbakwe Airport [21]
WarriDeltaDNSUQRWWarri Airport [22]
ZariaKadunaDNZAZARZaria Airport [23]
Other airports not owned/managed by FAAN
UyoAkwa IbomDNAIQUOAkwa Ibom Airport
AjaokutaKogiAjaokuta Airstrip
AzareBauchiAzare Airstrip
BacitaKwaraBacita Airstrip
BajogaGombeDN54Bajoga Northeast Airport
BebiCross RiverBebi Airstrip
BidaNigerDNBIBida Airstrip
EketAkwa IbomDNEKEket Airstrip
EscravosDeltaEscravos Airstrip
GusauZamfaraDNGUQUSGusau Airstrip
NguruYobeNguru Airstrip
PotiskumYobePotiskum Airstrip
ShiroroNigerShiroro Airstrip
TugaKebbiTuga Airstrip
Military airports
MakurdiBenueDNMKMDIMakurdi Air Force Base
Port HarcourtRiversPHGPort Harcourt NAF Base
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This is the complete list of Nigeria airports

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