Justice Please: Petition Against Men Of The Nigeria Customs Service

Mr. Ibrahim O Oyeniyi is seeking justice over what the Nigeria customs has done to him and want this to come to public for better solution. He seeks intervention of higher authority to have this case resolved appropriately.

Nigeria Customs

According to Mr Ibrahim O Oyeniyi he was on his way to Ilorin on the 30th Nuvember 2017 when he got stopped at Ibadan express way by unknown uniform men who were later discovered to by customs officers. He was requested for custom duty of his car which he provided but they claimed the customs duty provided was fake and made away with his car without a trace. Below is his part of the story, He has also included a video prove of his claim below.


My name is Ibrahim O Oyeniyi of No 40, Zone C Area, Apalara / Adeta Ilorin Kwara State who is the owner of the MERZEDEZ BENZ described above.

I am businessman whose line of business has to do with FX            Portfolio Management .I am the Founder / CEO of IBR-GLOBAL MARKETS LTD.I do carry on business within and outside Nigeria diligently and in accordance with laid down rules and regulation binding my business activities within and outside the country.

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On my way from Lagos to Ilorin, along Lagos –Ibadan Express way on the 30th day of November 2017. I was stopped by men in mufti who were later discovered to be men of Nigerian Customs Services. I showed them the customs duty of the car upon their request which they marked fake duty. This copy of the duty described as fake is hereby attached as Reference A

These men of the Nigerian Customs Service collected the car key from me and left without giving any means of identification and contact address, these people loaded themselves inside my car and zoomed off to an unknown destination. I was left on the dangerous road, I trekked down to the nearest police station which was the Toll-Gate police station.

I made a complaint to the Nigeria Police Force at the Toll-Gate office and stated those items that were made away with my car. The items include the sum of One Million, Six Hundred Thousand Naira (=N=1,600,000.00) cash, A wrist watch, ATM Cards of Stanbic IBTC and Access Bank, Payment Tellers. The copy of the Extract from police diary obtained after lodging complaint to the police is hereby attached as Reference B

With several efforts with the assistance of the Nigeria Police, those men of customs were later discovered to be from Zonal office of Customs Service in Ibadan. After due consultation with the official of the Zone (Mr. Moses), I was asked to go and prepare a genuine customs duty before I can be allowed access to my car. I consequently followed their directives by paying the customs duty. The copy of the said genuine duty is hereby attached as Reference C

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In one of my visit to the Customs office in Ibadan after several pressures made by me to ensure my car was released, one of their officers gave others legal implications of the continuous detention of my properties after due compliance. After deliberation of some staffs in their inner office while I was asked to wait outside, Later, Mr. Moses instructed some officers to escort me to where the car was packed to search inside the car if my assets are intact, but unfortunately One Million Six Hundred Thousand Naira  (=N= 1,600.000.00) was missing. The recorded video showing this evidence is verily available upon request.

Subsequently, I was asked to pay the sum of =N=250,000.00 (Two Hundred and Fifty Thousand Naira).When I protested against the bribe, I was sent out of their office. They threatened further that if I ever show up in their office, I will be detained.

Several letters of demand were written to the Zonal Office of the Nigerian Customs Service in Ibadan for the release of my car but all effort proved abortive as bribes were requested as a ransom for the release of my car .Furthermore, my lawyer wrote a petition to the Comptroller General of Customs in Abuja on the 9th Day of July 2018 and the letter was acknowledged on the 10thDay of July 2018.Till date, I have not got any response from the Comptroller General’s office. The said copy of the petition is hereby attached as Reference D

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As am writing this letter, my business is totally down and I was unable to secure my business contracts with our Brokerage Partners abroad (AFX Capital Markets Ltd, Cyprus and Equiti Group, Jordan) due to the stolen funds in my car. Said contracts with the two Partner Brokerage Houses worth $ 213,296.39 (Two Hundred and Thirteen Thousand, Two Hundred and Ninety Six US Dollars, Thirty Nine Cents) which is approximately =N= 77,000,000.00 (Seventy Seven Million Naira).Evidence to the contracts are available upon request and subject to confirmation from destination source.

I implore your honor to facilitate an assistance on this matter.

Mr. Ibrahim O Oyeniyi is currently in pain over this whole thing, please let higher authority look into this case for faster solution.

Oyeniyi O Ibrahim

08039438884, 08023515825


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