Jumia Customer Care Contact Details

Jumia is the best online shopping mail in Nigeria and now rolling over to many other africa countries. On this page you ate going to find jumia customer care contact details and how to get intouch with jumia and have any problem resolve. You can buy so many things on jumia such as home electronics ( Fridge, gas cooker, TV, Air etc). there are so many items you can get at jumia for a very good rate. Phones and tablet are as well there. The good thing is that Jumia will deliver the item to your door within few hours of purchase.

jumia customer care

As a customer sometime you might run into some issue with your purchase or order that could warrant you to call Jumia customer care for clarification, complaint or inquires.

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Jumia Customer Care Contact Details

To contact  JUMIA use the contact details below.

Jumia Customer Care Phone Number: 014604400,
Toll-free Line: 0700 6000 000

Jumia Email Address: [email protected]

Jumia on twitter: https://twitter.com/JumiaNGHelp

Jumia website: www.jumia.com.ng

Operating Hours: Mon-Fri, 8am-8pm; Sat-Sun, 9am-5pm; Public Holidays, 9am-5pm.

If you are calling regarding an order, you are advice to kindly have your order number ready to speak to their Customer Service Agent.

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  1. Danmola Yetunde Kennedy

    I ordered for sally hansen hard as nails but you brought sally hansen strong nail treatment. Even though l ve collecred it. I still order for another one. So let my next delivery be exactly what you are bring. The picture posted for sale different from the one delivered. Pls reply

  2. Danmola Yetunde Kennedy

    I ordered for sally hansen hard as nails but you brought sally hansen strong nail treatment. Even though l ve collecred it. I still order for another one. So let my next delivery be exactly what l ordered for. The picture posted for sale different from the one delivered. Pls reply

    1. I also order for item shoes size 44 n u bring size 27 n I also size 40 n u bring 39 so what we I do na

  3. I have been trying to make an order that Womens crust sneakers,but was told it can’t be sent to my location and I really like the shoe,please what do I do?

  4. I ordered for laptop and hand Dyer for the past one week but I have not received any message from you people up till now.

  5. Adebowale Adelaja

    I ordered for two items yesterday,small portable camcodercamera and a 4.0 Bluetooth device from Jumia, but till now I have not receive any info or calls,i made payment for the two items via bank transfer,pls help track with this 188033327.

  6. Am really frustrated with you guys,I ordered a carpet long ago and was to receive it on 12th till now I haven’t and you not communicating…really?!remember there is next time that u’ll us customers to give you our orders

  7. Adebowale Adelaja

    Good day to you Jumia crew, since the 9th of this month that I made order for one mini camera with payment made. Till now I hav3 not receive any message or contact till date, please what is happening with you guys? Your services is going down and we customers are losing confidence by the day. Too poor.

  8. Good, morning Jumia, i orderred for some items this morning. I have some complains to make before you proceed with the confirmation of the order. Plz kindly give me a call before confirming the order. Thank you.

  9. I ordered for a dress, the skirt on the picture was very different from the one that was delivered to me, this isn’t the first time,and I’ll like to be refunded of my money

  10. Hello jumia, I wanted to order for some wall stickers but I was told that the delivery and pay service is not available and the options for payments I don’t have, I only have cash. Pls if there’s somewhere I can come or any other option available cos I really need those items. Thanks

  11. Hello jumia, I wanted to order for some wall stickers but I was told that the delivery and pay service is not available and the options for payments I don’t have, I only have cash. Pls if there’s somewhere I can come or any other option available cos I really need those items. Thanks. 07013119962

  12. I order a Fero A4503 but it beeps telling me it cant deliver it to my address an there is no pick up place close to me

  13. I ordered for three (3) items on the 31th of August 2017 an now you people want to send them one by one. I can’t receive them one by one,i want all of them together cause I ordered them the same day. If you have told me you won’t bring them together I would have just gone to the market myself. Let me know when you are bringing all my items.

  14. I produce high quality school chalk French type strong. I want to partner your organization to sell
    Pst Femi DEHINOLA
    Ayetoro, Ogun state

  15. I ordered and paid for 5 items for the past 10 days now.
    I have not gotten what I ordered and paid for till now.

    pls what’s the matter?

  16. lawal mariam Opeyemi

    pls I order for a lamp and it as not being delivered,and my money have been detected from my account pls, can my money be refund??

  17. The screen guide in the case I ordered was broken,why.

  18. I mistakenly delete my order number so how can I get it back in case I want to speak with one of your customer…

    1. Call the customer care number.

  19. shah khurshid Alam

    Hello my dear friend we agatn for car we need business with jumia kindly give me yore all information Thanks Shah my phone number 01283677943

  20. I orderd for a uhawei phone last monday upto now but you have delayed order number 301967516 now kindly please may you stop that order i have bought it from safaricom

  21. I ordered Bluetooth Earpiece and it’s not working.

    1. When ever you order for an item on jumia and discover that it’s not working, you have every right to return it and get refund for it.

  22. I am so disappointed in Jumia, I ordered for 6 items for more than six day now, I still can’t get any, even d couriers are very annoying and slow… I really regret relying on jumia, if I don’t get d items today will have to buy my stuffs elsewhere…

  23. I lost my coupon code pls I don’t know if in any way you can help me retrieve it I will be so glade thank you

  24. hi am Oliver Edekhomo Leonard I have some materials on my cart that I would like to buy Bt I have been trying to buy them, it’s not working a little help pls you guys Jumai

  25. okoro louis valentine

    money have bn debited from my acct over five item i order n yet u have not notify me about my order

  26. I received a notification that my payment for order 363739752 failed,therefore my order was not processed.I have been debited from the UBA account which i used,kindly do a refund to the account below which i used to make payment. Please treat as urgent.

    Account Name: Temitope Mary Balaogun
    Bank: UBA
    Account No-2089602012

    or Account Name : Esther Adekunle
    Bank :Diamond Bank
    Account No: 0036274809

    Thank you for your urgent attention.

    1. You will get refund if so. You can contact the jumai customer care representative to lay the complain if you didn’t get refund within 24hours.

  27. Hello Jumia, I’m not satisfied with the handbag that was delivered to me on Wednesday, please I wish to return it back.

    1. Yes, if you are not satisfy then return it to jumia immediately.

  28. Oshibanjo oluwatosin

    I orders for a suite and money has being deducted. I got a text that my payment forboder failed.please contact me soon

    1. I’m pretty sure they will refund back your money in a short time, but if they didn’t then call the number on this post.

  29. I ordered and paid for Nikon coolpix L340, a Track code No, #383189412 was sent with thanks. How reasonable is it to message me in a couple of minutes that my payment failed after my money has been deducted. Please, what next?

  30. Yakubu Muhammad Nura

    Please help me find out the problem with my order number 345218452-4271. What i ordered is not what is delivered to me. Therefore, i am rejecting it. Kindly ask your agent to come and pick it.

  31. I paid for my order and yet you tell me order 300156959 is cancelled. Can you return my money or let me have the item pls?

  32. I bought a rechargeable fan, April n is not working again

  33. I bought a wrist 8GB DV Watch Video Hidden Camera DVR Waterproof Camcorder and i followed due process by sending someone. I discovered the wrist watch glass was broken. I want to return it back, send your agent to pick it up.


    i ordered for a slimfit business two-piece suit (white) this afternoon, the money had been deducted from my account already but i got a text that it was successful but later got three other text saying it failed. i need an explanation on this as soon as possible. thanks

  35. I order for a weAvon and u jumia debited my account, up till today notin has been delivered to me. How funny dat is. Pls if u know u won’t deliver my order 314611352, kindly refund my money to my acct no 0724063336. Access bank. Pple warned me nt to trust u pple bt I chose to ignore dem. Bt now I can see d reason.

  36. maimunatu umar mani

    I make an order,and the money is dedicated after some while they said the item is out of stock plss ,return my money on Name:maimunatu Umar man
    Account number:3270296019

  37. I make an order it went successful but after some minutes a message came in and said failed And my account av bin debit, pls refund my money back if my goods cant be procced through dis account GtB:0137702793 Name Shehu Habibat thanks

  38. I made paymemtof 2pieces of men slim fit business leisure one button suit for groom wedding black and I got massage yesterday 6th december 2017 that my order has been cancelled because it is out of stock pls i want my order or my money back

  39. Please where is your pick up station in kano, i went to Audu bako way, Nuru guest inn as u guys put up and i was told noting like jumia exist dere

  40. Hello Jumia I am trying to post my order but unfortunately I am not able.

  41. I order a washing machine for more than 2 weeks now and no response pls what is happening

    1. They did same to me. Na serious gobe before I could get it. Wasted money calling them before they brought it. They canceled one of my order. Till now they refuse giving me my money.

  42. Please i ordered fero phone and u promise to bring it on 27th dec n u prosponed to 29th dec now have prospond it to 1st jan
    Plss if i dont get it on 29th dec i dont think i can wait for the item again

  43. Plss i need the phone by tomorrow

  44. I’m yet to receive the first order I placed. its more than 10 days now.

  45. I ordered and paid for an Infinix xe-02 earphone on the 20th of December, 2017 and it hasn’t been delivered. I called the customer service line and I was assured that it will be by this weekend, Friday, 5th January, 2018. Please I need a reply on that. If you need my order number, pls let me know. My phone number is 08064367868

  46. Please I want jumia to come and take the striped sneakers black/red delivered to my house address 8 NNPC complex, ekpan, effurun delta State, they are too big. Thanks

  47. I made some order on the 30th of Nov. To get my order na war had to start making calls upon calls before I could get two out of the three orders. One was concealed.
    Now to get my refund for the concealed order another war. Been calling all I keep hearing is we will rectify it and pay you. Till now money I no see. They even refused picking calls now. I regret ever having anything to do with jumia. Pay me my money oooooo jumia. They’ve made name now na to scam people. My order number is 385576212

  48. I live in Aba and I want to order for an item online from jumia how how can I make my order and it will be delivered to me at my address.

  49. I ordered for a T-shirt, I was debited and I notified my order has been confirmed, only to be notified again an hour later that my payment order failed. Waiting for refund but no nofication and my account had not been credited.

  50. I returned a tablet seen La’s year till today you people did not refund non return the tablet what’s happening, I try your customers service line and they direct me here,my item number is :25917281,wail my ret-366298712.

  51. I ordered for two watches, jumiasaid I’ll receive the first one first or 6 of March, and the other 20 to 29 working days. I want to believe a dispatcher sent me his number that I should call him, and I did, the next thing he told me is that he his close to my area but he finds it difficult to get my bus stop which is oworo car wash bustop.. now I didn’t get the first one on the 1st and today is 6st, have been calling the dispatcher his not taking my call…. pls what could be the issue? Pls this is my first time doing business with jumia, and don’t want to regret it cos I have paid oo, because if you other means of contact is not going too.

  52. I decided not to pay for my orders because your agent is an unserious person..u have been the one calling him since last week Thursday for my order and now I have made up my mind not to pay him..I have one order pending and if you people assign it to him I will still not take or pay for it..his name is Nnaemeka Nwabugwu from Jumia (tel. 09023821191). MPDS-386673426-558..I won’t take those two orders again cos I don’t need them anymore..please make sure you employ people who are ready to work..I won’t pay so much for shipping and still waste my credit to call for my item, it’s rubbish

  53. am not here to complain I place an order today and by the time you guys called to confirm I was not with my phone really sorry about that please help me confirm thanks

  54. I placed an order for a sneaker and a bag but I was debited from my account but the order was not confirmed

    1. Use the number provided on the post above to contact their customer care service.

  55. JUMIA CUSTOMER CARE HELPLINE NUMBER 6203177151 9033335142 8298018926 ONLINE SHOPPING EXPERIENCE DELIVERY jumia customer care helpline number 6203177151 8298012761 helpline number all problems and the

  56. May I know if you have in stocks HTC 10 Pro with dual sim and 64 GB internal memory?

  57. hello jumia,I order 18000 clothes and then say my shipping fees is 12500 is too much now.

    1. pls I need ur reply if there is any thing u can do for me.

  58. I request for some items but am seeing delivered when I have not received it, I don’t understand… please I need a respond

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