Jumia Black Friday 2016 Date and time

For those we are waiting for Jumia black Friday, informationhood want to inform you that the Jumia black Friday is coming up on the 14th –  25th of November.

jumia black friday 2016

Jumia Black Friday 2016 Date and time

According to JUMIA this will be a big deal, opening the black Friday for a whole 12days, this is giving everyone an opportunity to have a cut of the black Friday.

For those who are hearing black Friday for the very first time, black Friday gives customers opportunity to buy item for a discount price from the provider. Almost all the top Nigerians electronic shops offer black Friday to appreciate their customers.

The fact that every one like buying items at a discount price makes the black Fridays really tough, normally there are too many buyers on JUMIA already, the black Friday will make it really full of frantic activity that will run into inaccessible at some time, this is to discribe how crowdy it will be like.

Example of How Black Friday Work

JUMIA has promise to give 90% discount on their black Friday this year 2016. Below is an example how it will work.

For instance, If the normal price of PS4 is #120,000 , but it can sell for #60,000 on  black friday.  That’s a whooping 50% (#60,000) off. I am sure yo like this.


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JUMIA Black Friday 2016 Events Calendar:

  • 14th Of November – Home & Kitchen Appliances – Up to 25% Off
  • 15th of November – Food & Beverages – Up to 45% Off
  • 16th Of November – Father & Son (Men’s Fashion) – Up to 50% Off
  • 17th Of November – Mother & Daughter (Women’s Fashion) – Up to 50% Off
  • 18th Of November – Toddler’s Treat (Baby’s Item) – Up to 55% Off
  • 19th Of November – Travel Items (Bags & Others) – Up to 30% Off
  • 20th Of November – Enhance Your Phone (Security)
  • 21st Of November – Game & Entertainment (PS4) – Up To 30% off
  • 22nd Of November – Smartphone & Tablet Discount ( Infinix , Innjoo , TECNO) – Up to 20% Off
  • 23rd Of November – Laptop Discount – Up to 20% Off
  • 24th Of November – Beauty & Makeup Items – Up to 30% Off
  • 25th Of November ( Grand Finale) – Discount on all categories.

So if you are waiting for the jumia black friday you have to set your calendar alert. any question?

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