Information Update Writer Needed

Welcome to Informatiohood is an online information passing platform that base on informing the general public of what is happening live and what to happen next. Our goal is to expose relevant information to the public and nothing more. we focus on the truth and not limited to exposing illegal activities. We are currently in need of an talented writers to fill the position of information updates on this website.


  • Minimum of O’Level with good English command


  • Must love writing
  • Must be fluent in English
  • Research


  1. Must have a personal laptop.
  2. Ability to work without supervision.
  3. Ability to read stories to rewrite them from scratch without imploring copy content.
  4. Must be in Lagos and ready to work from our office
  5. Minimum of 8 post daily.
  6. Article must be minimum of 1000 words.
  7. Ability to sort online and offline for relevant information’s that will be of help to the general public.
  8. Ability to cooperate with other authors and editors of
  9. Ability to make friends all around Nigeria that can provide you relevant information of what is happening live in their location or what is to happen next.
  10. Ability to expose illegal activities (This platform will be responsible for the cost and not the author) This is to make sure the true behind every action is been reveal without fear.
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Not Accept

  • Grief statement on any person, product or company without a prove
  • Copy and paste contents (forbidden).\
  • Lesser than 8 Post Daily
  • Publishing news materials (Not accepted). Note that informationhood is not a news platform but an information providing platform. This include what is happening live in different locations, exposing illegal activities, giving informative update such as announcements, and information of events to take place soon.
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  • Become popular (We now run individual post adverts on facebook and google on top information updates. This is to say a lot of people all Nigeria will read your articles and know about you).
  • Most view and commented article author gets a free Uk Used Mini Laptop from shopinverse computers. (Award is giving out every month to encourage authors)
  • Ability to write 5 monthly promotional articles for companies on behalf of informationhood. This allow you to collect article adverts from companies/business at your own charges. (Some of our authors make over 100k from this every month)
  • Salary
  • Work at your comfort zone
  • No transportation
  • Doesn’t stop your from other daily activities


  • New authors are paid N15,000 monthly. Salary increase after two months.

Mode of Employment

  • Email [email protected] or [email protected] with mail title (Information Writing job indicating your interest).
  • For quick interview send whatsapp massage (Information Writing Job) to 08059844173
  • Office Address: W3 09 Nigerian Army Shopping Arena, Bolade Bus Stop Oshodi Lagos.
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Available Vacancies

  • Available Slots: 2


The Author


Bringing you the right informations. Touching every corner, exposing the true facts. Yes! It's Information Hood leaving nothing untouch. (Your loyal Serome)
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