INEC have Postponed Nigeria General Election to 23rd February 2019

So sad the kind of a country Nigeria is turning into where nothing is to be taking serious. All of a sudden INEC had decided to break the heart of many and disappoint people expectations regarding the 2019 election.

After all this years INEC have been making arrangement for this election they still haven’t get themselves ready ready. For undisclosed reasons INEC made a publication on their social media at 3am mild night of 16th February 2019 to informed Nigerians that the election has been postponed.

This is coming as information from Informationhood to Nigerians that Nigeria presidential election have been postponed to 23rd February 2019 while governorship election and the others to hold on 9th March 2019.


INEC is yet to tell Nigerians the reason for this Postponement and disclosed to us the reason while the election that was suppose to take place today February 16th been postponed.

Comments: What a shameless country leaders. Why would INEC have to wait till 3am today to break this kind of serious news while some people slept in polling unites waiting just to vote, many schools short down and companies closed for the day. Shameless country that nothing could be taken serious – This is comment from many Nigerians.

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  1. Anonymous

    One of the useless thing coming from Nigeria leaders.

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