I am richer than osun state . Tinubu said

Asiwaju Bola hammed Tinubu’s statement has created alot of reaction by the Nigerian citizens.

During his visit to the palace of Ataoja, in osogbo oba jimoh olanipekun. Tinubu said osun state does not have his kind of money. The All progressive congress leader made Nigerians react by what he said in the palace.

These are the reactions of the people on Twitter. People say Tinubu is a saint and saraki is a thief.logosians do not admit the truth even when is written all over their faces.

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Johngrace said on Twitter, that Tinubu is after the money he will loot. He said Tinubu does not really care about the person performing the task. The APC leader said it is not his fault that he is richer than osun state. Johngrace said he feels so sorry fo Nigerian youth.

He also ask that how is he richer than osun state and how can he say so. He added that Tinubu is a proud national chairman of corruption and he is to say it to Nigerians. He explained how he pity Nigerian youth and he wonders how this Country will move forward and what the country will become if the necessary decisions are not taken. This country needs help soon Bola hammed Tinubu’s will become richer than Nigeria as a whole sir Aj_3 said.

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“You this Bola Tinubu” gmarrus said I ask you where did you make your money from? Where did you get this wealth and how did you acquire this much? Have you not looted the treasury?


Osun state and Ekiti state Tinubu is richer than both of them. Except ondo state, all the major contracts in Yoruba land are must always be serviced by Bola hammed Tinubu. Anambradecidesi said. He also added that Tinubu is untouchable just like Abba kyari.


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