Following the rumour that have been hovering around for the past few weeks, Mr Akinwumi Ambode the Lagos State governor has declared that he is ready and fit to continue the good works he has started in Lagos, Ambode also assured Lagosians that he will be running for his second term in office and nothing his stopping him.

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In an exclusive interview with Mr Ambode, he elaborated warmly “When I wake up in the morning, I am looking at it as I can’t afford to fail, or if I fail, many lives would be affected. I would have failed 22 million people. So, the work is my life I would do everything to perform very well. I have no other job. They did not beg me that I should come and campaign. I stood up and I said, you know what? I have the competence. I have the capability and the character to do this job. And I told them I would do it diligently. So, how can I look back? I cannot. If after 4 years, they say I have done a good job, that would give me satisfaction,” governor Ambode said.


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