The location of Jos is at the Middle Belt and the population of the city is up to more than 900 000 residents. The popular for this is ‘J-town. This town is the capital of the State of Plateau.

The Nok people are part of the history of Jos and 3 local government areas divide the city which are Jos East, Jos South and Jos North. The location of the city is between the Jos South and the Jos North.

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Jos As A Commercial Centre

The Word Of God
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Jos now is the centre that is vital for tourist, commercial and administrative activities and the mining of tin have some contributions making Jos a place for Igbos, European and Yorubas.

These ethnic groups constitute above half of the Jos population and Plateau State has a slogan and this slogan deals on tourism. The National Centre For Remote Sensing is the Jos east. Jos north is the capital and also the zone for commercial activities. The monthly temperature of Jos is between 21-25°C and then between mid-November to January, the temperature drops to 11°C (57°F).

Places To Get Vehicles For Your Lagos to Jos Trip

a) The Young Shall Grow Transport
Location: Ijor Lagos
Phone number: 08055004764
Contact email:
Company website:
b) God Bless Ezenwata
Location: no 9, OttoCausewa, Opposite Iddo House, Oyingbo, Lagos
Phone number: 08022628637
Company website:
c) Bonnyway Motors
Location: Ijora, Lagos
Phone number: 08035060880, 08033286521
Contact email: in for
Company website:

Travel From Lagos To Jos By Flight

In as much as you can travel to Jos by road and you can also travel by flight, travelling to Jos by flight involves that you have the funding.
The following airlines go to Jos:

  • Emirates
  • Lufthansa
  • Turkish Airlines
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The list continues and when you go to the Lagos International Airport, you will know about their cost and schedule.

The Factors To Consider For Transport Company For This Travel From Lagos To Jos

Whenever you are travelling and you have to choose the company for your transport, you consider the following factors:

1) Convenience of the transport

Most of the buses are coaches that operate at night and ABC renders a service of sprint to customers who are in haste. These customers do not operate at night and the rest of the buses tend to operate at night. However the journey tend to be under preference for lengthy travels. For travelling through Lagos, the journey is up to midnight if you travel from 6am. However you can still take to travel during the day.

2) Closeness to your residence

This factor is not much and the bus size does not drop and pick off passengers from any point. Majority of the bus firms across this route possess a terminal for purposes of boarding and also three or four terminals. These terminals are for going off once you are in Plateau State.

3) Budget capacity

This factor is necessary a consideration and you have to consider this factor when you are choosing a firm. However the prices of this varies.

What Are The Carriages For This Journey From Lagos To Jos?

The vehicle tends to possess underbellies and these underbellies are for luggages. They also use it for courier and this kind of trip involves you taking what you intend to. Take note of the following when packing goes on.

  • Utilise bags that are strong and are properly sealed. This is to prevent damage and the damage may be the result of manhandling
  • Do not use bags that you will not prefer for stains or tears. This is because you will not monitor how this extra luggage goes after you forward them to the conductor
  • You can include the suitcase and this should be of medium size. This is because this tends to fit into the department (overhead)
  • You should go with light luggages for the trip
  • You can avoid going with many valuables if you can
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Timing From Lagos To Jos

Timing from Lagos to Jos is between 18-20 hours. However this is different for other locations.

Snacks To Eat For Your Lagos To Jos trip

The option for the snack for the journey is very small and most of the restaurant selling the snacks do not open at night. The remaining options are drink sellers and this is preferable to get your snacks. However if you do not eat at night then do not consider these options.

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Tips For Those Travelling For The First Time From Lagos To Jos

a) You first book the ticket and this should be 24 hours to get seats. You can choose the middle seat on the vehicle just close to the window.

b) The buses make use of time and if the schedule says 3pm, try and be there.

c) Proper bracing for the trip

d) You have to dress in a comfortable manner

e) Seat on your seat even if the rest is empty and they tend to sell thickness to coming passengers or they may sell them to others. There is numbering of the seats and your seat number is on the ticket of the bus.

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f) Bathrooms exist on the bus even as large as they are and avoid filling yourself with much fluids and the stopping places are not much.

g) You pick a seat by the window even if happens to be sealed.

h) Squatters exist and they pay half to stand after which they go to sleep on any particular surface which their can see at night.

Other Tips

i) Prepare for the improper stops especially without opening the doors and the driver operates the doors in an automatic manner. You don’t have to get down and if you do you risk overtaking by the conductor. The amount of stops depends on the discretion of the driver.

j) You may decide to prevent travelling during weekends or perhaps before or after the main public holidays and many people tends to travel during this period and this means that the squatters are more.

k) Don’t be rude to the next person.

l) Avoid too much sleep and they may have comfortable seats but you don’t know who is sitting next. Be at an alert.

m) You do not have to be careless.

n) Take a sweater or scarf since the temperature can change and of course Jos is a cold region.

o) The bus stops are few when it is time to get off and ask when you purchase the tickets and get down at the closest location.


Travelling from Lagos to Jos is a pretty long journey. You have to prepare yourself. If you have any questions on where you can get a bus in Lagos for Jos or any other questions dealing with travelling from Lagos to Jos, the use of our comment box is at your freedom.

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